Krav Maga Instructor Training
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 5, 2018

In many styles of martial arts the instructor status is determined by a belt rank. I.e. you earned your first level black belt you are an assistant or Junior instructor, third dan black belt full instructor, five dan black belt, master instructor. 

With us at IKI it is not like this. 

We see two elements here; skill of technique and teaching skill.

Teaching is a profession. We all speak our native language but that does not mean we are all qualified to teach the language. Speaking English as a first language is not an automatic qualification to teach English to non English speakers. You need to be trained as an instructor.

With IKI we do not require you to have earned a black belt in order to be a first level, Apprentice, instructor. What we require is that you know the techniques well enough to understand them and that you have the ability to teach and communicate these techniques to others.

Being able to teach in an understanding way, to be sensitive to the needs of the student, to understand the art of teaching, is far more important that your own physical abilities.

You do not need to be a world champion to teach a beginner or a child. You do have to have a good heart, a patient and understanding heart and the ability to communicate clearly. Of course you must understand the subject matter, in this case, Krav Maga.

At IKI Krav Maga we develop and stress the art of teaching.

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