Krav Maga Killer Workout
By Moshe Katz

August 5, 2013

Tayla and her dad have both experienced multiple violent attacks. They train in Krav Maga with IKI - EDA South Africa with IKI instructor Alan Mann. (Seminar, Johannesburg, July 2013, with Moshe Katz)

Krav Maga Killer Workout

I just saw another one of these ads on Facebook, "Krav Maga Killer Workout". I did not bother to read the advertisement. It did not interest me.

What interested me was the title. The way Krav Maga is marketed and practiced all over the world is nothing short of a disgrace to the real meaning of the style.

Krav Maga is not a workout.

Krav Maga is not a fitness program.

Krav Maga is not a "look like a Hollywood celeb with great abs" program.

Krav Maga is about getting your imperfect body home safe!

I have just returned home from South Africa. Over there ordinary people face serious crime and violence. People came up to me with many questions. They presented many violent situations and told me many horrific stories.

No one asked me how to improve their appearance, lose weight, or get the "Hollywood celeb" look.

Yes, or course there is a possibility of taking a few very simple Krav Maga kicks and punches, adding music, and you have a "Krav Maga Fitness Program". However that is not the goal of Krav Maga. The goal is quite simple; good people arrive home safely.

Unlike the movies, real self defense situations do not go on for a long time. Experts say the average incident lasts only a few seconds; it is that fast. Before you know it – it is over. Survivors often remember the incident lasting longer but when they see the video footage it turns out the entire episode was over in 3-4 seconds. So fitness is not really a criterion for survival. I think we all have 3-4 seconds of fitness in us. Remember this is not a Jean Claude Van Damme movie where a fight can last 20 minutes.

The issue here is the detachment from Reality. In order for our Krav Maga to be effective we must always remain in tune with the immediacy of danger. We must feel the danger, we must sense the danger, we must smell it coming. For if we do not then we fall into such nonsense as "Krav Maga Killer Workout" .

We do have Killer workouts but our meaning is different. The intention here is a workout that will make sure you do not get killed!It is a workout to protect you from the killer.

Killer workout - a workout designed against those who want to kill you!

You see, getting killed in a violent confrontation is a real possibility, so our class, our workout is designed to make sure that you do not get killed.

Our goal is that you should not be shot, you should not be stabbed, you should not be raped, you should not be hit.

If a knife is placed at your throat, you need a split second technique to get out of this. Being able to do 100 pushups will not help you. In our training, technique beats muscle, technique beats age. And our psychology training helps you deal with the intense fear you will feel in a real situation. Fitness is way down on the list of the attributes you will need to survive a real life confrontation.

So much in life is false. Our entire lives are built on falsehood; how to advertise a product, how to market your skills and create the best impression. It is all about how you are perceived but not about how you are in reality, who you really are. The mask becomes more important than the true face.

With Krav Maga you must be real. If you fall victim to clever, sexy marketing gimmicks then you will become the victim twice; victim of the marketing and a victim of violent crime on the street.


Wise up! Be real.

Jacky and Gillian, Krav Maga real life scenarios. They train with IKI Instructor Tony Hardy. (IKI seminar, Durban, South Africa, 2013)

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