Krav Maga Kobutan
By Moshe Katz 2009

What is a Krav Maga kobutan? It is the same thing as a regular Kobutan but it is being handled with an Israeli attitude.

The kobutan is a metal key chain, a small 'stick' that is legal to carry and is amazingly effective as a self defense tool. I was first introduced to the kobutan by Professor Arthur Cohen, a self defense and pressure point expert. Since then I have added many techniques in the Krav Maga style.

Standard kobutan with keys

What I mean by adding the Krav style is that we use it a little more aggressively; we do things that are not "politically correct"; things that might be considered excessive by Western Liberal standards. In Israel we think survival first, appropriate later.

Like much of the martial arts itself this little device was developed by a Japanese fellow but its usage has been transformed by Israelis. Amazingly enough Israelis are now invited to China to teach practical self defense. The circle has come full term. 

How is it useful?

The kobutan will not be useful in winning the UFC or the world boxing title. However if you are grabbed, caught in a choke hold, faced with an attempted abduction, caught in a bear hug, or anything along these lines the kobutan could be your best friend, if you know how to use it.

The Great Equalizer

I call it the great equalizer because in a short amount of time you can learn to use the kobutan in such a way that you will equal, or superior to, your attacker. You may be smaller or less muscular but the kobutan will equalize that equation and allow you to escape.

How can you learn how to use it?

Either find a qualified instructor, or order our Krav Kobutan DVD.

Find a partner, go over the techniques many times, understand to apply this great device in a variety of situations, and you feel and be, greatly empowered. 

A kobutan can be purchased at any of the on line martial arts stores, such as Asian World of Martial Arts, Century etc.

Learn the best and easiest Kobutan techniques

Kobutan DVD $22 plus shipping

Comment by John Liptak, Florida

Kobutan DVD

I have a copy of the Kubaton DVD and wanted to share my thoughts. Like all of Moshe's DVD's the techniques are simple to learn, easy to use, and practical most of all. I have always carried a kubaton, and have been doing so since 1982, it is a weapon legal in most areas and can be carried anywhere, it is quick to deploy, and like Moshe said, can be the"Great Equalizer". I encourage you to get this DVD, first to continue to show support to IKI, second because it is practical techniques that your students will enjoy especially if you are not teaching them the kubaton now (all women should be taught the kubaton) , third because if your students all ready have a solid foundation in the kubaton, then Moshe can show more advanced techniques at a seminar. I would also like to mention that there is a very good Bonus section of the DVD showing Moshe performing gun disarms. Check out the DVD for yourself, I think it will be another great addition to your training and teaching. John

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