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April 17, 2014  

I am going to be blunt; all that matters are the results. 

In heaven, on judgement day, perhaps effort will also be appreciated. But here on earth, in this life, the bottom line is the bottom line. Enter a business meeting and say things like, "I really tried", no one is interested. The guy who sold the most cars gets the bonus. The guy who really really tried but sold nothing is shown the door. Effort is nice but all that really matters is the bottom line; did you make the sale or not? 

All the years you spent in gyms, in dojos, in tournaments, whatever, do not matter unless they achieved the results you desired. If you walk out on the street and are attacked by some street thugs, by some unkind "ruffians", and you get your ass kicked in, no one will care to hear, "But I really tried! I spent so many years training, I devoted so much time, effort and money." 

It does not matter. 

I know a young woman, she was very excited about attending university. She prepared for it so well with a major shopping spree. She really looked good!

Her grades however were poor, she was not doing well, and that is when she asked for my help. She expressed how bad she felt, being given such poor grades. To offer some  comfort I said, "But you look great, you must be one of the top dressers in your class."

To which she responded with, "Yes, You would think that would count for something."  

But it does not. Nothing counts, only the bottom line. Either you make the grade or you do not.

Life is harsh, very harsh. Reality has no mercy. There is an old saying I heard a lot as a child growing up, "almost counts only in the game of horseshoes.  My father grew up in hard times, and that was his message to me.  Almost.... 

I almost invested in that stock...I almost...

Almost does not count, trying does not count. Results count.

With IKI Krav Maga we aim to build a system that is fast, easy to learn, and easy to use when you need it. It may not be fair that someone else spent 20+ years training in Krav Maga and you have only 6 months but you may be better than him. (We have seen this countless times).   

The results count. We have students who visit from abroad, after several years of training their performance is simply, embarrassing. They see students and wonder, "Wow, how long has that guy been training?! He is amazing!"

"Two weeks, he arrived for Tour and Train two weeks ago!.

"No way!!"

Yes way, we are result oriented, we cut to the chase, find a short-cut to make it work, find a short-cut to your brain so that you understand and absorb the techniques quickly and effectively.

Results count.  There is no room for sentimentality.   

A guy enters a pawn shop and offers a valuable family heirloom. The expert tells him, "I can give you a hundred bucks for it."

"What! but that means so much to me, it has been in my family for years!" 

Such is life, take it or leave it. All the guy can offer is $100. 

Sometimes we must be harsh and just say things as they are. We need results, we need the bottom line,

With IKI Krav Maga our aim is the result, get home safe, nothing else matters.

So we have no time requirements between ranks, you earn your rank as soon as you are ready, your yellow belt can take a week, or a year, the results are what matter. 

Tour and Train Israel Experience

Daniel and Yuriko, brother sister from Chile came to Israel to train in IKI Krav Maga and become certified instructors. Now they are teaching this system in their home country.

Come to Israel, immerse yourself in Krav Maga for 10 -12 days. Live Krav Maga and see your skills improve faster than you thought possible.

Dates..June 2014, November 2014.

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