Krav Maga Special Forces Operators
By Moshe Katz

OK, for those of you who know me and have been reading my blog you should know by now that there is no such thing as "Krav Maga Special Forces Operators." No such creature exists.

I was just having a conversation with my student Adam. Great guy, Israeli/Russian, well built athlete and fantastic Krav Maga student, who by the way is in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). I was showing the guys some M- 16 disarms and I said to Adam, "Well I am sure you have done something similar in the IDF", and he responded, "No, all we learned is how to use the M 16 as a blunt weapon, and some basic punches."

I told him that around the world there is this great myth that every Israeli soldier is some sort of "Krav Maga Rambo", he laughed, as all Israelis do. But it is no joking matter.

But the problem is that too many Israelis are taking their military experience and "cashing in" on it in the international market. They are telling people, "we served in the IDF in a Special Unit and we are the best."

Yes, every Dave, Moshe and Jacob was in a "Special Unit"

In my neighborhood there are about 1,100 men and of those I would say about 1,100 served in the IDF. So as much as every soldier is special – no one is too special. And of these 1,100, do you how many are passing themselves off as Military Krav Maga experts? The answer is None. No one here would fall for that nonsense. There is only one person in this neighborhood recognized as a Krav Maga expert and that is the author of this blog.

Anybody can put on military fatigues, do a few old jujitsu techniques, make up some story about serving here or there, and pass themselves off as the latest Krav Maga innovation. The sad thing is; so many people fall for it.

With IKI I follow what my teacher always told me, "You are a good instructor, you are not a military hero, never make false claims, just be a good teacher."

When I teach I tell students to first learn the techniques and then test them out with a resisting opponent, try it for yourself, you will only believe in it if you feel it work for yourself.

My techniques have worked all over the world against the biggest and the baddest. I put the technique in your hands and say – you be the judge, after all; it is your life on the line.

Are you a Krav Maga instructor?

Do you know your history?

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