Krav Maga and Dating
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 16, 2018, Israel

When my niece was single, she explained to me how Israeli dating works. At the end of the date, one turns to the other and says, "So why do you think? How did you see it? Are we suitable or not?"

It is clear, direct, simple and to the point, just like Krav Maga, and it leaves no doubts.

Rather than beating around the bush, hinting and being ambiguous, Israeli dating is like Israeli Krav Maga; brutal and in your face. But at least this way there are no illusions, no doubts and no misunderstandings.

This is how I like to do business.

When I called my billing company I was directed to the Israeli branch. The guy says to me, Let me be transparent, my dad does not own this company, let me tell you what is in this proposal for me and for you

What he was telling me was rather than try to convince me that the company has only my interest at heart, he will be transparent and direct with me, he will tell me what is in it for him, how he will stand to benefit from the deal he is proposing and why it is also to my advantage. 

Now we are talking! Now you are speaking my language and I am very happy to be dealing with an Israeli. 

I do not like the confusion that comes from being "polite"; Say what you mean and mean what you say and by God be clear!

At the end of the date tell me, Look, this is not working out for me. Great, we wish each good luck and go home and continue with our lives. If you do not want to do business with me, say so directly. By avoiding the issue you are not being "respectful", you are actually being disrespectful by not being direct with me. If you respect me be honest: I do not like your style of Krav Maga, I do not like your stories, I do not like your T shirts. I do not want to join your association. Good, we are done. 

I like the directness and openness of Israeli culture. It may be harsh, some foreigners might find it offensive, but we are clear, honest and to the point. 

Krav Maga is simple, direct and to the point. If we all behaved this way in our daily lives, set out our conditions and terms straightforward at the start, I know for me that life would be less stressful and happier.