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June 25, 2024, Israel

Watch the gap, this means when boarding a train be wary and cautious about the gap between the platform and the train, you don't want to fall in. The same can be said about advertising, mind the gap between what is advertised and reality. See those online advertisements for learning a new language and becoming fluent in 4 weeks? How about losing a certain amount of weight in just a month? Or what about the constant advertisements for "secret methods" to make lots of money online?

In the real world none of this exists. Sure there might be one guy who was speaking Italian, more or less, after 4 weeks, and of course some people do make money online, and some people do lose weight, (most regain it back, plus some, real weight loss is very difficult), but that is not the norm and that will not happen to you. You will be left with an empty guarantee and a lighter wallet.

When I was younger, I eagerly read Black Belt Magazine each month, along with a slew of other martial arts magazines. Of course there were advertisements, fair enough, the magazine needs this to stay profitable. I appreciated the advertisements and read them all as well. I became a customer of Asian World of Martial Arts and of Century martial arts, both fine companies. I signed up for Karate College with Dr. Jerry Beasley, also a very fine investment of time and money, and I purchased many videos. 

Many of the videos were of good quality, but many were all hype. From this I learned as well. I learned that there are few shortcuts in life, if you want to be good you have to train. Here I want to refer to a certain genre of martial arts advertisements. 

But first, the fair ones. I purchased videos from Michael DePasquale Jr. May he rest in peace. He never promised magic, he promised to teach his techniques, and that he did. I purchased many videos from Oleg Taktarov, Walt Lysak, and Mark Hatmaker, all good investments. But then there were the magical or secretive martial arts. The advertisements usually began like this...Want to be able to walk the most dangerous streets in town and fear no man? Or, want to stun your opponents at the dojo and amaze your teacher, suddenly beating all opponents?

Often it was a retired secret agent, Speciel Forces, or undercover operative, who was "persuaded" to enter the studio and film his techniques, but for a limited time only, and only a limited number of copies would be made. (Really??). 

Yes, I must admit, even now that sparks my curiosity, but I have learned that it is like a big American donut, great looking, tasty, but in the end just empty calories. Calories that you will regret later. 

So I confess, I purchased some of these, and in such cases I was disappointed. There is no magic in this world. (unless you just fell in love) and it was just a bunch of old techniques, a hodge podge of various styles, thrown together. No short cut, no magic.

Over the years we have developed IKI, Israeli Krav International which is a shortcut, and an effective system of self-defense suited for all types of people from office workers to Special Forces, and we are as we advertise. 

Make an effort, give it the time it deserves, and we will help you succeed, as we have done with thousands of people around the world. We do not rely on the gimmicks. We do not rest on the glory and reputed prowess of the Israeli army, we stick to the truth, and simplicity. 

We are, as we advertise.

We have had small women successfully fight off and disarm larger attackers. We have had old people knock out thugs who were harassing them. We have people who face guns and knives, as well as both guns and knives in a single incident and overcame. This is not fantasy, this is reality, and we have the stories and the people to back it up. I have been called upon to teach US Special Forces, Canadian Police Departments, Ukrainians presidential guards and so on and so forth. Our system is for everyone. 

We stand by what we teach, we are as we advertise, put in the time, ask questions, and it will work. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

Understand the Israeli Fighting Mentality - Israel a Nation of Warriors by Moshe Katz


What is the cultural background of Krav Maga?  What makes it unique? What makes the Israeli military so effective? Why are Israeli security systems used all over the world?

What are the Biblical origins of Krav Maga and who was the first Krav Maga instructor?

What weapons and military strategies did our Biblical ancestors use?

How has Krav Maga developed in Israel and what are its goals?

All that and more in this unique book.

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