Krav Maga Restraining Order
By Moshe Katz

September 21, 2013

There is a great deal of pain in this world. I know that. There are many deeply depressed and disturbed people in this world. I know that as well.  There are people who will do crazy things and harm others. I cannot stop their behavior but I can work on helping people defend themselves.

I cannot solve all the world's problems. I cannot get to the root of people's anger and depression. I hope others are working on those problems but I do know that it is a long process. When a man threatens to jump off the roof it is not the time to analyze his childhood, it is time to get a net and try to catch him. (and of course try to talk him out of it.)

I am sensitive to the needs of all potential victims, but, like many, I have a special spot for those who are at a disadvantage, namely, children.

This has been a terrible summer for children in Israel. First we had several incidents of parents "forgetting" their children in the car, leading to dehydration and death. Then, outside of Israel, I read of a parent who did not stop their child from playing on the luggage belt at the airport and the child was killed. Last week we read about a woman who was experiencing depression; she killed her two children, stabbing them to death, and then tried to kill herself.

Today I just saw the Jerusalem Post, a man was very angry with his ex wife. He had made many threats against her. She understood there was danger and she...took out a Restraining Order. Wow! A legal piece of paper telling a man he is not allowed to do certain things: Very effective.

Learn Krav Maga? No, a waste of time, who has time for that? Perhaps she was not "into" that. After all not everyone has to choose the same "hobby".

So this Israeli woman relied upon her piece of paper, much like many nations relied on similar pieces of paper to prevent other nations from attacking them. The "Grand Fool", Neville Chamberlain, proudly waived such a piece of paper that he signed with Herr Hitler. It was a guarantee of "peace in our time" and safety. No need for guns, no need for tanks, no need for Krav Maga, just get everyone to sign a piece of paper.

So this angry man comes to his ex wife's home. He chokes her. Was it a very good choke? Well, I think not because although she did pass out she did not die. A professional choke will kill fast.

He chokes her; she does not know how to defend herself. Unlike the clever myth that all Israeli women (and men) learn Krav Maga in the army and that Israel Military Krav Maga is some great effective style, she has no clue how to get out of a simple choke. (which we teach in the very first Krav Maga lesson).

He chokes her, she is helpless, he takes the children and leaves. He drives them to Tel Aviv, takes them to an 11 story building and....throws them off the roof, and then follows them, leaping to his death. He did it to punish his ex wife. He sure showed her!

What a tragedy, beyond words! And...with a few Krav Maga lessons the entire story would have ended differently. A few IKI Krav Maga lessons would have been the difference.

Every week I receive e mails from my students from all over the world, just got one today from Florida, about how our Krav Maga training has saved people's lives, has taken potentially dangerous situations and brought about a very different ending. You have the power to make a difference, use it!

Come to class and learn our simple defense vs. a choke. And many other defenses, it is simply a matter of life and...Death.

Survival; it is your responsibility.

Krav Maga - Give me 10 days I will give you your life.

Krav Maga Israel Experience
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Come to Israel for 10 days or longer. See yourself transformed in less than two weeks. Previous training not required, all levels welcomed. This program is designed for everyone, not only the super athlete, not only the black belt, but also regular people you and me.

Moshe Katz has been teaching Krav Maga since 1989, is a 6th dan black belt and is certified by Wingate. In addition he holds many other ranks and awards.