Krav Too Fast
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 13, 2014, Israel

Today on the way back from the T shirt factory in Jaffa I experienced a little traffic jam. Well, Tel Aviv - Jaffe, these things happen in midday.

But then I noticed the cause of the traffic; an unfortunate accident.

All I saw was the smashed motorcycle, the helmet a few feel away, a police officer directing traffic and the nearby ambulance.

But I saw something else.

I saw the ...not sure what it is called in English, the safsal, the place in the back of the motorcycle where you can pack things. And I saw the writing on the motorcycle...Speedy..Rapid deliveries.

Clearly the young man was in a hurry, that is the nature of his job, to be in a hurry, to deliver an urgent package as soon as possible.

But...clearly this time he was going too fast, perhaps he was a bit too careless, perhaps he was too focused on being "Speedy".

My dad used to say "The biggest waste of time is an early death."

These days we want everything, and we want it fast.

With IKI Krav Maga we try to shorten the learning process. We truly have innovative methods that cut the learning time down considerably.

It will take you a lot less time to learn what I know than it took me.

However this does not mean you will become a master in a week, which is what some people want. It does not mean that we do a weekend "certification course."

No, you still have to pay your dues. You still have to put in your time.

Yet sometimes beginners do not realize this. They hear that Krav Maga is an easy system to learn, they come to a seminar and think that after 2-3 hours they "know" Krav Maga.

All they got was a taste.

They try a technique a few times and then we see them hanging out and chatting. They are bored!

Somehow they are like the delivery guy, fast fast fast. But this is not the way, even with a fast system like IKI Krav Maga. Even here you still need to put in the time, you still need to train and be devoted.

Progress will come but you must put in the time.

So please, I do not want to see your in an ambulance. Do not be in such a hurry that you forget to put in the proper training time. The biggest waste of time is an early.....

Teaching a seminar in Georgia, USA. We have many beginners and many advanced practitioners at our seminars.

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