Krav Warrior Culture
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

Friday, September 19, 2014

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We must return to a warrior culture. This was the norm in every society until recent times. Sadly our culture has deteriorated as our technology has advanced.

Just a few years ago there was no "social media" but if you were to ask someone to train in the warrior arts you would likely hear the following refrain, "I wish I could but I simply have no time available, I have a very full schedule". Or..."I simply do not have the disposable income for this activity at the moment".

No time, no money.

So today we must ask; how much money does the average person spend on Smart phones, laptops, tablets and other crucial "cannot live without" gadgets?

Where did that money come from?

And how much time is spent on social media?

Where did all this time and money come from? I thought you had no time or money available?

You can see homeless people and beggars with smart phones, every child in every poor family seems to have the latest version. Last years' phone is simply no longer acceptable.

Where did all this time and money come from?

It became available when all this stuff became part of our culture. Once it becomes part of our culture, our collective personality, the time and money simply emerge.

There was a time when hard work, farming, military service, community service, taking care of the elderly were all part of our culture. Today this has been replaced by taking photos of the cake we just backed and putting it on Facebook. And we have no time for Krav Maga, for Warrior Arts.

Our society is poorer for this. Our society is weaker for this. So turn off your phone and get to the Warrior training hall. The only way we have time for for training is if it becomes part of our social norms, our culture.

Martial arts schools spend a fortune on advertising, but it does not attract the numbers they hope for. Going to the dentist, going to school, these are still social norms in most of our society, people just do it because it is part of our lives. For Krav Maga and self defense to draw big numbers we have to make it once again part of our lives, part of our culture, as it once was.

"For Abraham had trained all the members of his household in the art and tactics of warfare". (Rabbi Abraham Iben Ezra)

If you were a member of Abraham's clan you farmed, you tended the sheep, you knew the land and you trained in the warrior arts. To change what we do we must change who we are. We must understand that the change starts with us. The change comes from the bottom up.

It is time to return to self reliance, self-defense and self-respect.

You want to stop bullying? Forget the anti bullying programs. Raise children who know how to stand up for themselves and stop apologizing.

I remember when I came to my dad and complained about some neighborhood kids, and I was not the toughest kid in the neighborhood by far, and he said, "Son, you are going to have to learn to stand up for yourself".

Big or small comes a time when you must learn to stand up for yourself.

Bullies are not only on the playground, and dads are not always around the corner to come to your rescue. Bullies are in our offices, our insurance companies, our bosses and managers, where we work and where we shop. They try to intimidate us into contracts and deals we do not like.

Sounds familiar? You know such a situation?

The only way to stop the bully is to be a warrior. Walk softly and carry a big stick.

Time and money, always tricky, always elusive.

My grandfather of blessed memory was never a rich man, lived through the depression, did not go on vacations, but...he always had money for the holy books, for the scholarly books.

It all depends on your culture.

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