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Jose Nacul
Centro De Difusion De Kapap & Krav Maga

Jose came to Israel in September 2011 for intensive training. On September 6, 2011 he was promoted to Phase One Instructor in IKI Krav Maga. Jose has many years of experience in martial arts. His background in Akido and security work enabled him to learn IKI style Krav Maga very rapidly. In June 2012 Jose Invited Moshe Katz to Argentina for an intensive two day seminar. This enabled Jose to upgrade his skills and for Jose's students to learn IKI techniques directly from the source.

Educational background

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice
Security Manager

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Jose Nacul Krav Maga website

Status in IKI: Active Member, Level Two (Assistant) Instructor
Status in IKI: Miembro activo, Fase 2 instructor

Tucuman July 2016

Gabriel Blasco, Apprentice Instructor

Ariel Rodríguez Legname, Apprentice Instructor

Adolfo Isaías López Madariaga, Apprentice Instructor

Damián Carrizo, Apprentice Instructor

Sebastián Rodríguez, Apprentice Instructor

Sergio Werenitzky, Apprentice Instructor


Yuriko and Ramon

Yuriko and Ramon spent 14 hours in a bus to attend a seminar with me, (Moshe Katz) in Argentina, then they spent another two hours as we drove up the mountains. After 3 techniques Yuriko said, "It has already paid off", that is an indication of her and Ramon's dedication to Krav Maga.

Over the next two days Yuriko and Ramon worked tirelessly all day, at full intensity. I could sense their eagerness, they wanted to squeeze the maximum out of this training session. They reminded me of someone I know, a younger Moshe Katz at Karate College, always trying to get as much as possible.

Both join IKI with a wealth of experience in martial arts and Krav Maga. They operate two Krav Maga schools in Chile.

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Ramón Robles

Academia en Calama, Segunda región de Chile.

Ubicada en Calle Cobija #2247.

Sitio web:

IKI Second Level Instructor

5º Dan Ninjutsu

2º Dan Krav Maga


Yuriko Tadanobu

Academia en Antofagasta, Segunda Región de Chile.

Ubicada en Calle Esmeralda #1927.

Sitio web:

IKI Second Level Instructor

3º Dan Ninjutsu

2º Dan Krav Maga

In English


Ramón Robles

Academy in Calama, Second Region, Chile.

Located in Cobija Street # 2247.



IKI Second Level Instructor

5º Dan Ninjutsu

2º Dan Krav Maga


Yuriko Tadanobu

Academy in Antofagasta, Second Region, Chile .

Located on Esmeralda Street # 1927



IKI Second Level Instructor 

Ramon being awarded his second level instructor rank, Israel 2013

Yuriko being awarded her Level Two instructor rank in Israel.

Daniel Moscoso Perez

Daniel is an assistant instructor in the school in Antofagasta.

Mauricio Villa Ramos

Mauricio is an Assistant Instructor (level 2 instructor) in the school in Calama.

Mauricio did his instructor test in Spanish but there was no doubt to all those present, even without understanding the Spanish, that Mauricio totally understood the IKI techniques and was fully able to teach them to others. We are very proud to welcome him as an IKI instructor.

Mauricio realizo su examen de instructor en espanol pero no hubo dudas para todos los presentes, aun sin entender espanol, de que Mauricio entendio totalmete las tecnicas de IKI y que estaba completamente capacitado para ensenar a otros. Estamos muy orgullosos de darle la bienvenida como instructor de IKI.


Giovani Gnadt Borghetti

IKI Instructor, certified, May 2015

5º Dan Taekwondo (Kukkiwon No.05131360 / Chang Moo Kwan No.846)

3rd Class Taekwondo Master Kukkiwon (No. 3628016)

4º Dan Tangsoodo (IMA No. 23761)

2º Dan Haedon Kumdo (UWH No.1118)

12º Kang de Muaythai

Instrutor de Combate com Facas

Instrutor de Krav Maga (representante oficial da IKI no Brasil)

Fundador do IMMMA (Ibam Method of Mixed Martial Arts)

Consultor em Defesa Pessoal e personal trainer

4º Dan Hapkido Um Yang Kwan (Kido no. 4982)

6º Kyu de Judo

Official Brazilian Army - Infantry Weapon



Fone: 55-54-3028-9333

Cel fone: 55-54-9124-2844

Skype: Mestre Borghetti Giovani



address: Os 18 do forte street, 1520

neighborhood: center

city: Caxias do Sul

state: Rio Grande do Sul

Country: Brasil