Limits of Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 5, 2018

Having lived in Los Angeles and New York, having visited many US cities and many cities around the world, I know that I always had/have to be careful where I go. What a world we live in. 

Here in Maaleh Adumim I can take a stroll any hour of the day or night in any part of the city without ever having to think twice about possible danger. Imagine if the entire world lived this way. Imagine if you could take a walk in East LA, in Watts, in all parts of New York City and Philadelphia and never have to contemplate any possible danger. Imagine. 

But it is not so. All over the world there are areas that no outsider will enter, at the risk of their very lives. All over the world there are areas that are controlled by gangs. What a wonderful world it is. 

And when I tell people that I cannot go to these areas, sometimes a stupid person will say, Hey, but I thought you knew Krav Maga? You have nothing to fear.

A wise person knows there is always something to fear. There are limits to Krav Maga. 

Krav Maga means close contact personal defense. It is no defense against a drive by shooting, it is not a defense vs someone running you over with a car. It is not a defense for someone shooting at you while you are driving with your family. There are limits.

Krav Maga should teach us wisdom, to know our limitations. Learn what areas are, sadly, off limits to you. Hopefully some day the police will take care of those areas, or people will learn to live peacefully, or the drug trafficking will end. (Yes, wishful thinking). But for now it is not a problem that an individual can handle on his own when it comes face to face. Avoid trouble. Know where you can go and where you cannot go. And now when to fold and leave.

Money is never worth dying for. False pride is not worth dying for. A wise person knows what to avoid and when to leave. You have to make your choices. 

I feel the only long tern solutions to these gang and drug problems are cultural solutions. A culture that looks up to violence can never be cured until those attitudes are changed. When we are eight days old we are told...may this child be raised for a life of Torah (Moral rules and guidelines), Marriage (community, family) and Good Deeds. May this knowledge someday fill the entire earth. 

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