Living in Fear, or Not?
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September  17, 2019, Mobile - Atlanta, Delta Airlines, Starbucks coffee served by the lovely Alisa

Living in fear; I don't like this title, so I added "or not". But this is about living in fear. Too many people live in fear but only very few take action. 

I was picked up by a female Uber driver, she drove me the short 10-15 drive to the airport. She asked me what I was doing in Mobile. I told her I was here to teach a Krav Maga seminar. 

She had heard about Krav Maga, she was interested in learning more. She opened up to me, a total stranger and told me about her abusive ex husband, her difficult divorce, her children and her life after the divorce. She is living in fear. 

Her husband is a violent man, he lives far away but she is still scared. She just issued him a formal restraining order and now she is afraid of his reaction. 

She leads a busy life, single mom with three children. She is a petite woman, no longer very young. Our Krav Maga must be for her. Our Krav Maga be designed to serve her needs so that she will not live in perpetual fear. 

Therefore our Krav Maga will not rely upon Speed, Strength and Precision. Our Krav Maga will not require you to abandon your family and devote yourself to training many hours every day. Our Krav Maga must rise above this using intelligent training methods and techniques.

Her fear is so intense that she is telling me about it. This is not only potential harm, she is suffering right now. The fear is debilitating. The damage is real even if a physical attack never takes place. Her fear is real, the harm is real. 

I suggested she contact our IKI instructor in Alabama, I hope she does, the ball is now in her court. If she chooses, she will have skills. Knowing she has some skills can defeat this fear. 

It is up to us to make that move, to walk into the training hall.