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February 8, 2022, Delta airlines flight 2794 ATL - STL

We all love a good party trick. A little magic show, a slight of hand, even the El Al pre-flight security video involves a "Mentalist" or Magician, guessing the card that the audience pick, (the 4 of Diamonds, spoiler).

All good for show, and there is a deep message and lesson here: The performer is fooling the audience with this expert tricks. The tragic thing is this is exactly how many self-defense instructors/martial artists, teach. It is all trickery, slight of hand, the hand is faster than the eye. It is a great show. That is why over the years I have refused all offers for demonstrations, shows, or any sort of Martial Arts performances. Leave that to the actors. 

I live in a world of reality. I cannot afford to live in the world of Delusion. 

Allow me to explain. Your "audience" that you are trying to fool, is the experienced street criminal or trained terrorist. They have more practical experience that you have, they will not allow you to pull off these slight of hand stunts. They are not buying into your performance. Your life is on the line, you have been picked out and chosen as a victim and you are at a huge disadvantage. Your life is about to become toast, you must recognize this. You will not have the peace of mind to pull of your magic tricks. You will not fool your enemy with you slight of hand tricks. It is time to get real, 

It is easy to be fooled by cool martial arts movies or highly choreographed movies. You are buying into the hype, the illusion. But this can be deadly. 

So we return to the world of reality, where we stumble when we want to speak to the boss, when we mumble when we try and ask out a girl, and where we fumble when we try to pull off some fancy wrist grab or gun disarm against an experienced criminal or terrorist. 

It is time to get real. 

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