make-believe krav maga or make believe krav maga 

July 1, 2021, Israel

There are no kinds of "make believe", there is Make-Believe, and there is make believe. What is the difference?

Make-believe is what many children do, this is defined as ..."Fantasy, pretense, pretending, day-dreaming". It is also defined as "a fun and creative aspect rather than an action performed for the sake of survival or necessity".

This usually ends with the ending of childhood and the advent of adulthood, unless you are a martial artist. In such a case this fantasy living, this make-believe attitude that you are a great ninja or world champion or Medieval knight, continues well into adulthood. It will end only when one encounters reality, which does not always happen. 

The believer will remain affected by this syndrome indefinitely. He will put on his special garb, his magic cape, and Superman or Spiderman is off to save the world. In the film Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger at a certain point he leaves the fantasy world of movies and experiences reality. Now when he falls, he actually hurts, when he puts his fist through a window, he actually bleeds hurts. Welcome to reality, say goodbye to Fantasy. But, in the martial arts world this rarely happens. 

Just watch Youtube for a while. You might at first believe that these stunts are real, and effective. You also might believe that you can purchase a package from an attractive female and learn how to seduce women by following their program. Good luck. This is called marketing. I studied this in college and was very turned off. My "marketing strategy" is to be honest, and be brutally honest. And no, my net worth is not as much as Arnolds'.

My goal is not to sell you "Make-believe" martial arts, but rather to make you believe that I have the best self-defense available. Our IKI Krav Maga is make believe, i.e. I will make you believe in our system by teaching it to you and allowing you to form your own judgement based on Your experiences, You will be the judge, you will come to believe.  When I teach at seminars or during our regular classes, I will demonstrate a technique and then say, now you try it and see how it goes.

Ultimately it is your life on the line and you must be the judge. 

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