Make Krav Maga Great Again
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 11, 2018, Israel

Early training in the Land of Israel

When Krav Maga began, in its earliest form in the 1880's, it was pure. It was an age of idealism, desperation and renewal. The Jewish people were returning home, leaving behind the ghettos of Europe, the massacres, the pogroms and the anti Jewish laws that plagued them for 1,900 years. What they did not realize was that they jumped from the pot to the frying pan. Back home in Israel another challenge awaited them. 

The Arabs treated the Jews as European invaders, just as the Europeans treated the Jews as Levantine Hebrews not fit for proper society. No where was the Jew welcome.

In the Land of Israel the Jew was viewed by the Arab squatters, (themselves invaders from their own land of Arabia) as Walid El Mitha, the child of death, i.e. one who was destined to die. Just like Europe Jews were fair game for the killing. 

Eventually some Jews began to fight back. When did Krav Maga begin? The moment one Jew raised his arms in defense against the Bedouin Arab attackers. The earliest Krav Maga "lessons" came from the Bedouin's themselves, the Jews learned from their attackers and began to devise defenses. 

The original Krav Maga had no name, no ranks, no "heir to the system" and no grand master. There was certainly no single alleged "Founder". It was just individuals who formed into groups and tried to find methods to better protect themselves from the ruthless Arabs.

Early self defense training, Israel.

In time various names developed; Hagana, Kapap and Krav Maga. Eventually the name Krav Maga was chosen and the other names were laid to rest in the history file. 

Krav Maga had many contributors, the system developed in the military and was non commercial. Everyone was free to contribute and techniques and artistes were modified on a regular basis. This is what made Krav Maga great; the constant change, the fluidity, the flexibility.

However once Krav Maga went commercial, first to the Israeli public, and then to the world, things changed. Legal battles took the place of physical battles. Tournaments, ranks, and titles became more important than training. Organizational politics became more important than being open to new ideas and techniques.

For this reason we stay out of that mess and focus on developing techniques and strategies that save lives, pure and simple. Yes, every school must be financially solvent in order to keep providing this service, Yes, instructors must be certified and ranked, but no this does not take the place of pure and honest training. If you encountered a new situation, or have a new idea, I want to hear it. I want you to share your thoughts with me. 

Our Krav Maga is constantly adapting based on questions and observations from students and instructors all over the world. We want to make Krav Maga Great Again.

All over America I hear that people are turned off and turning away from Krav Maga because of the negative image it presents; Bad Ass, Tough Guy, Brutal. 

No, this is not what we offer and that is not our target audience. We want Krav Maga to be what it once was; a system for all, so all can live in Peace. Make Krav Maga Great Again.

Do not believe the commercial hype, read the True story of Krav Maga.

The true non commercial history of Krav Maga. 

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