Masks, Social Distancing and Krav maga

.October 10, 2020  

I guess I am a little ahead of my time; for years I have been advocating washing one's hands and keeping a safe distance from people you don't know. The mask is another issue. 

So we are told to wear masks, I will not get into the debate about whether they are helpful or not, I will just quote what I have seen in nearly all the pro-Mask articles; masks are helpful in stopping the spread of the virus, but alone, they are insufficient. Together with social distancing and washing one's hands very carefully they help stop the spread of the disease. This reminds me of when I earned my Bachelors' degree in Political Science and was told, over and over again by well-wishers, that my degree plus 50 cents will get me on the subway. This was when the price for getting on the subway was 50 cents. In other words, your degree is pretty much worthless. On its own it will not get you very far. I went back to school for another degree. Eventually I earned several useless degrees.

How does this relate to Krav Maga? 

Most of the Krav Maga I have seen advertised focuses on well-built men and women who have got "the look". Emphasis is on Aggression, sweating, beating up others, being a tough guy (even if you are a woman). In Corona terms that would be; Catch the virus and beat the crap out of it. Very few people are advocating this approach. What do they advocate? We stated distancing etc. Same with Krav Maga.

A more intelligent way to teach Krav Maga would be using these same simple, common-sense ideas: Social distancing, be careful whom you get close to, think twice before putting out your hand to someone you don't know. Learning Krav Maga is great but it is best to avoid using it, the best approach is prevention. Social distancing not only will keep you away from striking distance but will give you a little breathing space should someone attack you. This distance will give you a better chance at defending yourself.  

There is no way to eliminate violence from this world. Perhaps I am wrong and the Liberals are right that after non-stop violence since man could stand on his feet it will suddenly end in this generation of "social justice". Similarly we have always had disease, we do our best to avoid it, using common sense. New techniques are great, new medical treatments are welcomed, but old fashioned common sense is always the best way to start.

Keep your social distancing even after this mess is behind us.

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