McDonald's, McDojo, and Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 27, 2017, Hong Kong

McDonald's actually started out as a terrific idea, a terrific concept, the creation of two terrific guys, the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. Now I do not want to get sued so I will be very careful not to say anything negative. I can't afford a lawyer.

The brothers McDonald created the fast-food concept, in the most positive way: providing people with food quickly, with great service, at an affordable price. Yes, it was great food, at the beginning. It was the kind of food you would prepare at home; natural, healthy, wholesome.

The brothers remained pure and honest in their approach. In those days it truly became a place families could go for a solid dinner without the hassle of cooking at home. Values and integrity were at the core of their business, not profits. They made an honest living and wanted nothing more. 

Then along came a shifty businessman who saw great potential. He talked the brothers into franchising and the rest is history. But what happened along the way is that McDonald's stopped being McDonald's, in more ways than one. 

Food that was designed to nourish soon became something that looked and tasted like food but in fact was designed to make money, lots of money, more and more money. Real food was replaced with cheap artificial ingredients, feeding families was no longer the objective, feeding an bottomless greed took over.

As the years went on this food came to allegedly kill people, or so we hear (I make no claims of personal knowledge). There were many claims made including links to obesity and heart attacks. Eventually things began to change. Things had to change.

Now the analogy.

Many martial arts started out pure and good by people who were pure and good. Others saw dollar signs and began creating a business with huge monthly fees, as much as $1,200 per month and all sorts of contracts that only a lawyer could understand. Good decent people were taken advantage of. The martial arts being taught was diluted, just like when McDonald's stop making real milkshakes and replaced them with powdered milk in order to increase profit margins. And so it was with martial arts, more business and less or no real self-defense. Thus, was created the modern "fast martial arts systems" with nutritional value similar to the above mentioned. The concept of McDojo was created, a play on the name McDonalds' and not in any positive way, but the owners continue to make great profits. They even create new gods and false founders, a fake but glorious history. The true origins are obliterated for the sake the all mighty dollar.

And soon people will realize that just like fake food these McDojo's will lead to untimely death, and hopefully then people will finally wake up and return to the real wholesome product that martial arts were intended to be. We need to return to the source. 

IKI believes in staying pure and wholesome, true martial values, family values at prices everyone can afford.

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