Miyagi Lessons

July 12, 2018, Israel

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The years go past us and the past becomes more relevant. Wisdom that may have been planted in our minds lays dormant for years until the lesson suddenly remerges when needed. 

Daniel San: But how do I know when to fight and when not to fight?

Mr. Miyagi: When have full respect for self and full respect for other, that answer comes. Understand Daniel San?

That was more than 30 years ago, and I ask you, Understand?  Do we really understand this?

What is the message here?

I am often criticized for not advocating "Finishing off the opponent". I have long advocated AAPC; Avoidance, Ability, Purpose and Circumstances as a way of determining our course of action AFTER the initial self defense move..

The first A, Avoidance, is as Mr. Miyagi says, "Best Defense, Daniel San, not be there."  If you can avoid a situation do so. If walking away bruises your ego. We shall deal with that. 

Ability - How capable are you of fighting this person? Is it wise of you to continue fighting?

Purpose: Are you a security guard, a police officer? What is your purpose on the scene and what is expected of you?

Circumstances: Are you in a crowded House of Worship? If you leave what will happen to the rest? Or are you alone with no one else at risk.

But why do people make poor choices? Why are people drawn into fights that should never have happened? Why don't people chose the option of escape when possible and when advisable? Mr. Miyagi gave us the answer long ago, for those wiling to listen. 

Respect yourself, respect others. Allow me; many fights, much aggression comes from a lack of self respect. You feel weak, insecure, and you feel you must prove yourself. You are concerned over what others may think of you. Thus you are not truly free, you are being driven by what others may think.  

"Freedom discovers the man the moment he is no longer concerned over what impression he is making or about to make."(Bruce Lee).

If you have not full respect for yourself you will be driven into many fights, to compensate for this insecurity. A friend who works in a very Alpha Male environment said, "The bigger the muscles, the smaller the confidence: The greater the feeling of inferiority the bigger the muscles."

The true warriors walk around humbly. You would never know who they are unless someone told you. Self respect. 

When have full respect for other: The other guy, whatever his circumstances, is still a human being. I am not naïve, and perhaps he does deserve a good beating and a good lesson, but if you respect all humanity you feel less of a need to turn this guy into chopped meat.

Listen to Mr. Miyagi. Understand Daniel San?

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