moshe and Aharon; Suddenly important krav maga 

December 31, 2013

Our flag, symbol of freedom and independence, flies proudly over Masada.

 "And God said to Moshe, extend your hand over the Land of Misra'im (Egypt) with the locust and let it come over the land of Misra'im and eat all the grass of the land, all that remained after the hail."

So Moshe stretched out his hand over the land of Misra'im and God brought an easterly wind upon the land all that day and all that night, and when morning came and the easterly wind carried the locust. And the locust came up over the land of Misra'im and rested on all the borders of Misra'im, it was very heavy, before this there was nothing like it, and after this there would be nothing like it. For they covered the entire surface that the land was darkened, and they eat every plant of the land and every fruit that remained after the hail, and nothing remained, no vegetation in the trees or in the plants of the field throughout the entire land of Misra'im"(Shmoth, Exodus, Chapter 10, verse 13) 

Here we see a very clear description of the extent of the devastation. It is detailed for a reason. We need to understand that at this point Par'o (Pharaoh) had no choice left. The devastation of his land was complete, there was no vegetation remaining, his people would starve to death.  

He must do something. 

Now he could have done something long ago. He could have listened to Moshe, to the word of God, and let the Nation of Israel go free and assume its rightful place in the world. But he could not, not yet. Pharaoh's ego would not allow it.  A slave leader like Moshe, and an unknown, unproven, invisible God, would not dictate to the great Pharaoh what to do and whom to send free. His ego would not allow this action.  

Moshe was making clear that for the Nation of Israel this was an urgent matter, it demanded urgent attention. But to Pharaoh it was not urgent at all. Someone else's suffering can always wait.

Another man's problem is never urgent to us. Another people's suffering can wait.

When the descendants of Moshe and Aharon the Cohen , the High Priest, were facing imminent destruction and our people were pleading to the world for help, it was not urgent to the world. The Pharaoh's of that age, all the great leaders of the free world, could not be moved to action. The matter was not urgent to them. As Winston Churchill said to Jan Karski, the matter will take it's proper course.  

For our people that course, that "proper course" was the road to Auschwitz and the thousands of other places where our people were murderer: shot, gassed, bludgeoned to death and burned.

The plague came to the world at that time; massive destruction of East and West, untold millions died, great cities humbled and destroyed, untold devastation. 

When the United States was hit at Pearl Harbor, the matter became urgent. Suddenly the mater of stopping Evil became urgent. No more phony "international conferences", no more waiting, no more false promises; guns were loaded and men went out to fight.  

"Then Pharaoh called Moshe and Aharon in a great hurry, and he said 'I have transgressed, against your God and against you." 

Ahh now he is in a hurry,  when there is such massive destruction that there is nothing left to eat for him and his people. Now it is urgent that he meet with Moshe and Aharon, the holy brothers, now the matter will not take it's proper course, now the matter must be dealt with now! Today! 

How things change when it is us who are hurting and suffering and not some other people.

And suddenly the proud and arrogant Par'o becomes humble, a repentant man, a religious man . "I have transgressed, against your God and against you." Suddenly he is willing to recognize God. Suddenly he is ready to take personal responsibility.

Humility is always in order, recognition of the other person is always in order, taking personal responsibility is always in order. Lets not wait until we are forced into humility and confession.

"and now please accept my repentance, just this once, and appeal to your God to remove from me just this death."

Oh how our people prayed just to be allowed to live!

Krav Maga Application

Krav Maga is not important, not worth spending time on, not worth investing in. Until....until suddenly it becomes urgent, until suddenly you are in trouble, but is too late.

"Who is wise? He who sees the future" (Ethics of the Fathers)

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