movies and reality in martial arts

January 10, 2022, Israel

Let's be honest; for all good things begin with honesty. We watch a cool martial arts fight scene, and we are turned on.

Some guy is casually doing some late night shopping when some thug comes in to the convenience store, or liquor store, and robs the place. Everyone is cowering in fear, except this one guy. He is totally calm. Soon enough he not only beats up and disarms the bad guy but he does it so calmly as if it were just a minor disturbance. He might as well just continue his shopping now.

Ah, the joys of fantasy. 

We look at this guy and we admire him. We wish that were us. For some, the very few, this might be the inspiration to join a martial arts class, for most it is just a cool fantasy. Even veteran martial artists feel inspired and admire the cool moves. 

But let us look at this matter a little more closely. The techniques used are all classic martial arts movies techniques. Yes, they are real martial arts techniques, usually a combination of karate kicks and jujitsu joint locks. The Chinese films of course use Kung Fu moves. But upon close examination we see that the speed and precision involved in performing these techniques effectively are humanly impossible to perform. It would be like the song...they were as fast as lightening, they fought with expert timing. We, however, do not live in a movie, or in a song. We live in reality, and we must separate fantasy from reality.

Our self-defense techniques must be void of fantasy; no techniques that require you to be as Fast as Lightening, or have the gift of Perfect Timing, or super human strength. Our Krav Maga is based on simple moves, gross motor moves, concepts that are easy to remember. We focus on far more than just technique, we deal with fear, stress and how the human body really responds in such situations. The heroism in these fantasy clips can be real, if we learn the correct approach. Reality is never as pretty as fantasy.

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