´╗┐My Troubles Will have Troubles with Me
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International´╗┐

December 22, 2014

You cannot control the behavior of another person.

Our childhood has a huge impact on our lives. Sometimes it takes us decades to realize this.

I recall my dad of blessed memory saying to me, "Son, you will have to learn how to fight your own battles."

Looking back that was the beginning of IKI Krav Maga.

I also recall my dear parents' attitude; that saying, "Would have, could have, should have is of no use whatsoever".

Blaming others for our troubles is also a pointless waste of time.

We take responsibility for our own actions; we look to see where we went wrong, and we correct those failures. My father stressed - build yourself up, do not cut others down. It is too easy to blame others, it is so easy to find the cause of your problems in someone elses' behavior. Putting the blame on someone else will never help us move forward.

You cannot control the behavior of another person.

Someone stole your student, your business, your girlfriend. Well, if they could "steal" it then it was never really yours. If someone broke into your castle, work hard to make it stronger. Cursing the criminals will do you no good and bring you no peace of mind.

I know.

When I was growing up, like most kids it the 1960's, we read the books of Dr. Seuss. My favorite was "I Had Trouble in getting to Solla Sollew".

Perhaps it was my early nature, perhaps this book really had an impact on me, but to this day I am inspired by this simple children's' book. If you have never read it I advise you to read it, no matter your age. I wish I had a copy with me now, it would give me comfort.

Our story begins with a little happy fellow in the Valley of Vung. At first his life is happy but then, little by little, he encounters so many troubles that he decides he must leave.

His destination: A magnificent place called Solla Sollew, "where they never have troubles, at least very few. and it is located on the banks of the river Wha-Hoo.

Everything sounds great.

He encounters many troubles on his way to his promised land, but he is not deterred. His knows it is worth it to reach this great land where he will live in peace.

But...even in fairy tales things rarely work out as planned. The fact is...Life is full of troubles.

He is taken for a ride, in more ways than one, by a conman. Our little guy ends up working as a slave as part of "team work". Team work is defined as .."I provide the brains, you provide the muscles, the aches and the pains."

Sound familiar??

Eventually, after much trouble, our little hero finally reaches the great promised city only to discover that the doorman cannot open the door because a little "key slapping" creature has moved into the keyhole. The doorman himself decides to move on to an even better city, called Boola Boo Ball, on the banks of the beautiful river Woo-Wall, and known to never have troubles,"No troubles at all!!"

However our hero declines. One cannot run away from troubles forever. One must face them.

He matures and finds a better solution.

Out little guy goes out and buys a bat. He makes a bold decision to return to the Valley of Vung but now things will be different.

He realizes that there is no such thing as a place without troubles. In fact the lesson for us kids was there is no such thing as a life without troubles.

The lesson I learned as a child is stop blaming others, stop looking for easy solutions, and stop running away from troubles. Learn to face your troubles.

Our little hero is now ready. He goes back to the old neighborhood, to the hood. But now he has a message for all the gangsters.

"I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready, you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!".

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