My Way
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

Morelia, Mexico

my hero

His way

we wonder, are our ancestors with us? Are our loved ones still watching over us as they did during their lifetimes? or are we totally alone in this universe?

Krav Maga has taken me places I never could have dreamed off, it has brought me into contact with amazing people I never would have met otherwise, and I wonder.

Just yesterday Chris asked me what I thought of the idea of Agnosticism, the idea of the doubt, is thier a God, does He watch oer us. I gave as an example the idea of do we believe that our 

loved ones are still with us, are they watching over us.

I am in Morliaa at the bus station. we are about to board, and here of a, ll places I hear our song, I did it my way by Frank S. This is my dad's song, his way of life, to do it 

my way. here in Morelia, far far from home I hear this song, Italian American from Brooklyn, where my dad grew up, I did it my way, and I feel my dad, I know he is with me and 

I feel him saying...Son, Listen to me, keep doing it your way.

Last night more than 50 students came to my seminar, I taught them my way, my approach, I did not compromise, I did not resort to the crowed pleasing KM moves, the popular stuff

from movies, no, I do as my father taught me, I teach it my way. As I said to Chris and Cristian yesterday over coffee, my last conversation with my dad focused on that topic

be your best, it does not matter if no one else is watching, do your best and do it your way.

I am doing it my way, and people are seeing the truth in it and responding.

As I am about to board the lovely young lady greets me with the food that is offered for our 4 hour drive. They offer a drink, a pack of coffee powder, and a light lunch which is very 

not kosher. As usual I say, por favor no jamon, prohibido, escriba in Biblio. She answers , as usual, that this is all they have, but I know that they will bring me smothing. I am

doing it my way. Sure enough, after I am seated in the bus she comes running up after me, she found me something I can eat. Do it your way, do not compromise,

and the Force will be with you.

I just said goodbye to my students, who have become true friends, always wonderful and always sad, and as I walk out...I hear Frank Sinatra, long since gone....I did it my way....

and I feel my dad, by my side, as always, telling me Son, stick to your guns, do it your way, it does not matter what anyone says. Win or it your way, live your life your way

ask for more, work for more, never give up....and I will always be there for you....

the years fade......I see my dad, my hero, laughthing at life, smiling at life, doing it his way, fighing for his family, his way. leading the way, teaching by example

When I was about to enter college my dear Uncle Jack advised me, study what you like, what you feel, and you will always succeed. so true, be true to yourself, be yourself,

never be a cheap imitation of someone else. Do it your way.

I think of the LIGHT  I enjoyed in Morelia, the gifts, the blessings, and on the way out I hear my dad, via the medium of song confirming my way, saying....Son, never foget

that I am always with you, even in Mexico, I am watching over you. Yesterday Chris pointed heavenwords and indicated...your dad knows what you are doing , he shares your success

and yes...that song fills the air and I feel my dad saying, you are never walking alone, I will aways be there for you, to guide you , to inspire you, in any land, in 

any langugage.

and I can picture my dad sitting down enjoying a good cup of coffee, enjoy life, feel the sunshine, feel the blessings, and do it your way.