The Nature of Evil
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 25, 2015, Israel

There are those who have experienced it first hand, there are those who have studied it, there are those who spent time "in the can", some have seen war, and some just know it.

Evil, it goes by many names, it walks in many ways but it is always the same, it is always Evil. Evil sleeps beside you. Evil is all around us....

Keep looking because Evil walks behind you. And certainly Evil talks around you.

But what is the nature of evil? Can anyone know?

Black shadow hangin' over your shoulder
Black mark up against your name
Your green eyes couldn't get any colder
There's bad poison runnin' thru your veins

Evil walks behind you
Evil sleeps beside you
Evil talks arouse you
Evil walks behind you

(AC DC, one of the greatest....)

The only part about evil that concerns me is how to fight it off, better yet how to be prepared. For the root causes of evil I will leave that to the psychologists, the sociologists, the anthropologists, the criminologists, the cryptologists and all your what have you.

There's bad poison runnin' thru your veins

People say you can't understand the crime in South Africa because you are not a native South African, you cannot understand Arab violence because  you do not live in the Middle East. That is all true, partially. But it is not geography.

Evil comes in a million forms. You have your serial killer, your Christian Crusader, your Muslim fanatic, your rapist, your home invader/family killer, your school shooter, your racist, your anarchist, your sociopath, your suicidal manics, Stalin, Hitler, those crazy guys in Asia... Need I continue?

They are all on the highway to hell, not on the stairway to heaven.

Black widow weavin' evil notion
Dark secret's bein' spun in your web
Good men goin' down in your ocean
They can't swim cos their tied to your bed
Evil walks behind you
Evil sleeps beside you
Evil talks arouse you
Evil walks behind you
You're just crying wolf

We do not need to understand the nature of each individual violent person or type, that would take too many lifetimes. We do need to understand hatred, true evil. You need to go deep into your heart and visualize, feel it, feel the hatred, feel the fear and then apply it to your training.

I have seen it myself, when you see a crowd of Arabs with blood in their eyes shouting "Itbach el  Yahud"  Kill the Jew, Kill Kill Kill!!!! You feel it, and you never forget it.

So whether it is a guy who can enter a home, kill every member of the family just to steal a few dollars, or a maniacal religious person...I say it is the same. It is a loss of respect for human life. Killing a person is no different than cleaning a toilet, just a dirty job to be done.

You have to feel it, you have to feel it in your veins, you have to make it real. People say to me you don't know what it is like in.....whatever country.

Well, in peaceful Norway a guy shot up a bunch of kids, is there a unique Norwegian violence, I say not. Evil is evil.

Think of the worse and hopefully you will not be surprised. Expect the worse, always be on guard and train!




Yes, when you arrive in a new country you must study the nature of violence. The first thing I do is speak to the people. I want to know where the crime takes place and why.

Is it mostly gang violence? Is it directed against "rich" tourists? Is it religious or ethnic in nature? When does it usually take place, and where?

I want to know what to look out for, what places or times of day to avoid. But in terms of the nature of violence, that never changes. Expect evil, expect guns pointed at the head, expect knives flying in all directions.

Evil is evil. And you do not have to go far to understand it. Start by going deep inside yourself. Remember...evil sleeps beside you...

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