not going along with it
by Moshe Katz

May 15, 2020

There is a scene in Seinfeld, something untrue is being spoken. George tells Jerry to "just go along with it". (even though something was not true, but going along with it is less complicated, let people assume what they want, just go along with it). Jerry responds with "I can just see you in Berlin in 1939 goose stepping past me saying 'Come on, Jerry Go along''' 

That is comedy but there is an important discussion going on over here, a fierce ideological conflict that will determine the nature of the society we live in. Do we want to live in a "1984" Dystopian society, with a Thought Police, a place where truth is unknown, and those who even think the truth are in grave danger? or do we want a free society where all are free to express their opinion even if it differs with the established doctrine? If you choose the second option, remember that Freedom is never Free. There is a price to be paid. Are you willing to pay that price?

The issues are not the issue, it is the principle that matters. In the case of George and Jerry it was a light matter, with only comic consequences, thus the Issue was not of great significance. What Jerry is pointing out is that once you compromise on small relatively insignificant issues you will soon come to compromise on major issues, and this leads to goose stepping along with Nazis. I do not see this as an exaggeration. History has proven this.  

On a recent visit to Los Angeles I had dinner with an old friend from university days. We reminisced about people that we knew. I mentioned a certain fellow who was in my political science class. My friend remembered him well. We had an assignment; the professor presented us with certain questions that we would needed to answer for the upcoming mid-term exam. He said;  there is no right or wrong answer, I just want to see your thought process. You can take up any point of view and as long as you back it up with solid logical evidence, it will be acceptable.  

There were six questions, each one involved a lot of work. My friend, Mark, suggested we each take half, do the work and then meet up and share what we found. And so we did. His answers were basically the professor's point of view, regurgitated and made to look glorious. My work had taken up the opposite point of view, and as the professor advised, I backed up my arguments solidly. I pointed out to him that the professor clearly allowed us to express a dissenting point of view to the one he presented in class, but my friend Mark said that the professor would be much happier seeing us, the students, "proving" his point of view, rather than a directly dissenting point of view. Mark and I decided to part ways and work independently. 

Our paths cross again later. By this point I was a well known agitator, a member of the Jewish Defense organization and protesting anti Israel policies on campus. Mark, on the other, took up the highly ideological position of "fighting" for a student bowling lounge. He explained to me that he wished to be a lawyer and wanted to secure a political position on campus that would be impressive on his resume. He "advised" me that my activities would look bad; being thrown off campus, getting into fights, even arrested. He was saying that of course bowling is not an important issue but it is better to go along with what people want. This is how one gets ahead in life. 

So he fought for the students' right to have a bowling alley, and I fought for fair representation of Israel on campus. I ended up becoming a nationwide student leader for Israel, soon making my home in Israel and being chosen several times as a delegate for students for Israel etc. But what became of Mark? Well, over dinner with this old friend I was informed that indeed he did become a lawyer and is "comfortable" in the parlance of our times. He was living a comfortable life in America.

Two paths, I choose my path, he choose his. The separation that took place that day in Political Science class proved to be an indication of two very different approaches to life, as Jerry and George showed on that "Comedy.  

Back in first grade, on the annual school play, I dressed differently from the other students, choosing what I wanted wear rather than "fitting in", or just going along with it. People asked in disgust and contempt...Who is that individualist?

Half a century later I am still on the same path and this is reflected in our unique approach to Krav Maga. We are not like the others because I do not just "go along with it". This morning again I saw that someone shared a post of Imi Lichtenfeld of blessed memory being the founder of Krav Maga. I shared my articles on that topic disputing that point, again. Why make an issue? For the sake of truth. Because I will not just go along with it. When we just go along with it we end up goose-stepping in Berlin. At a certain point we need to say, no, that is not true, and even though it may some like a minor matter I will not just go along with it, because truthy matters.

In matters large or small, grave or trivial, Truth matters. 

Question authority, do not go along with it, disagree with the main stream media, THIS IS YOUR RIGHT IN A FREE SOCIETY. Do you want to live in a authoritarian dictatorship which gradually your rights are taken away, or in a free society? The choice is our and it begins with little matters. I, for one, choose not to "just go along with". 

Long live freedom!

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