KRAV MAGA Observation Point 

July 7, 2021, Israel

So here's another clue for you all, the Walrus was Paul. Actually, here it is; Kay-Mop, KMOP, a new term, Krav Maga Observation Point. 

There is a big difference between martial arts studios and security firms. Security firms certainly train for self-defense. I imagine they teach some gun and knife defenses and some hand to hand combat, but that is not their focus. They also teach the use of hand guns and other weapons, but those are all just a means to an end. Their goal, their training, is designed to keep people alive, that's it, that's their business, and with whatever it takes.

Most of their training I believe is mental, learning how to protect and defend. They use strategy, psychology and understanding body movement, they use the concept of space and positioning. 

When you enter most martial arts schools, what will you see? a lot of physical activity and very little talking. I recall standing in a line and punching, stepping and punching. Very nice but I wondered how will this protect me on the street? The doubts grew in my mind.

Real self-defense is more complicated. We cannot survive a fight that we don't see coming. We cannot survive a surprise when we are unable to process what is actually happening, our system is overwhelmed and we have no time to employ our defensive training; It is too late.

Our defense must begin before the attack, it must begin the way a war begins; by adopting the best strategic position. In a war you might choose a hilltop, like Mount Masada, get a good vantage point, on the street we must also look for a good spot. In a restaurant we want a seat where we can observe who is coming and who is going, a place where our back is covered. On the train, on the plane, in a car, in a bar, outside, inside, in a store, near a door, we must choose the correct observation point. We stand a better chance if we can see what is coming.

Surveillance Cameras - We often watch videos taken by police surveillance cameras. Often the viewers will watch the video, identify the aggressor before the attack, see the violent attack and wonder why the victim could not see what we saw. Why were we able to identify the attack but the victim could not?

I will tell you why, and the answer is simple yet vitally informative. When we are watching the video we know that something is going to happen. Unlike the victim in the video, we KNOW that there is going to be an attack, and that is the reason we are watching the video. As we are viewing the video we are ANTICIPATING an attack, we KNOW it is coming. Sadly, the victim did not know it is coming, and he was not anticipating anything. When you are in it, you don't see it, unless you trained to do so.

However even when you are trained to do so, it is often difficult. Bodyguards often do not see the assassin coming, unlike the viewers of the video, or perhaps a person standing on a balcony or rooftop, they cannot see the full picture. 

We need to train ourselves to seek the best Krav Maga observation point, where can get the fullest view of potential danger. We need to be like the viewer of the surveillance camera videos; i.e. we know something is coming, "look for it". If there is no attack, wonderful. If there is no car accident, wonderful. If you packed some extra food and yet did not need it, wonderful. If you took emergency cash on a trip and there was no emergency, Great! But what if....and that is what we train for. 

Imagine you are guarding a VIP, a Very Important Person. You will look for entry points, where an assailant might enter the arena of action. You will see where a potential assailant might have good access, in a parking lot or a pub. You will watch to see his behavior, is he nervous? He is with his hand in his pocket, protecting something?

In fact you are protecting a VIP, yourself, and possibly your loved ones. Training does not end with punching in the air or kicking a bag. 

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