The Odds are Against You

The Odds are Against You, So?

Israel, the Jewish people, by all logic, by all reason, by all that makes any sense in this world –should have long disappeared from the world. All the great powers around us are gone. Where are the Nazis and the Third Reich that was meant to last a thousand years? Where are the ancient Egyptians who enslaved us? Where are the Romans, the Canaanites, the Philistines, the empire of Greek Hellenists, the Assyrians, the Babylonian empire?

And yet a people who lives by a code like no others, a series of laws so long and complex that it takes a lifetime to master, a people persecuted all over the world and scattered to the four winds – Survives!

The State of Israel – born after the Jewish people was nearly wiped out. The Jews; persecuted all over Europe, left for dead by the Americans, hated and vilified for centuries by the Arab invaders, and yet, the State of Israel, the State of the Jews, came into being. We are the dry bones, left for dead, and yet we live.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free", this American classic was written by a refugee Jew. Who but a Jew knew the taste of suffering and yearning? For thousands of years we yearned to be free of persecution. For thousands of years, in every generation, there was a tyrant who saw fit to bring about our end.

And yet we are here, despite all odds.

So are the odds against you? Are you unhappy with your job, your town, your life? Do you feel you have been dealt a poor hand in life?

Is your situation really so hopeless?

Did you lose your entire family in the Holocaust? (The War Against the Jews), did you walk out of a concentration camp with nothing, not even the "shirt on your back"? Well I personally know many who did, and they built new lives, some built financial empires. They did not complain; they built and they contributed to the betterment of the world.

You have the God given power within you to change your life, to rise out of the ashes and build something new. As long as you breathe you have the potential for life.

In my years of Krav Maga training I have seen people walk in my doors with little hope. They did not believe in themselves. Krav Maga helped empower them and give them back that faith, the ability to say "I can", "I Will!"

Krav Maga is Israel, the nation that defies all odds; the people that beat the odds again and again, the people that are living proof that no situation is hopeless.

As my dear Dad of blessed memory always taught me – you are the son of Abraham the Hebrew. He was just one man, but a man with a vision. It did not matter what anyone else thought, Abraham was the man, the man for his time. He lived his vision, even if no one else understood.

Your life is your gift – live it.

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