One Student Krav Maga

June 27, 2022, Israel

I recall when Rabbi Meir Kahane of blessed memory was murdered. Testimonials began to pour out from all sorts of unexpected corners. There was a story that stood out in my mind. The esteemed rabbi, a renowned international speaker, showed up at an event, but less than a handful of people were present. If we were talking about some "celeb", the golden calves of our modern times that silly people flock after, the event surely would have been cancelled. 

But the good rabbi was not there for his ego, or for money, and instead of giving his usual speech he just spent the entire night chatting with these young people, these college students. The impact was profound, some were so inspired they devoted their lives to Jewish causes, some moved to live their lives in the land of Israel. and what is the message? A crowd of one is still an important group. The rabbis teach us that each individual is an entire world, for the world was created for one man. 

Now if you don't believe in the Bible as the word of God, believe in it as a book of profound moral life lessons. The world was created for one man to teach us that each and every individual is so important that he is worth creating an entire world for. So, if you have only one student, it is still worth teaching your class. That student is important.

Many times, I have thought back to this lesson. We are all human. There is great energy in having a big class, a large seminar. When you show up expecting 50 people and there are only 3, it is a let-down, there is no question about it and there is no way to hide this. Your face shows it. And that is when I must think of this lesson; remember, each and every individual is a worthy cause, worthy of your time and attention.

The other day I was once again reminded of this lesson. There was a very poor showing for a class, happens, one guy claimed his wife gave birth, another went to a family wedding in New York, another was dealing with her engagement, etc. But I gave the class nonetheless, and after class a student said to me, "This means so much to me, I look forward to this so much, it adds so much to my life. It is my only opportunity to get out, to do something active, and I really appreciate what you teach us, your lessons, your guidance."

and once again the student becomes the teacher: my student reminded me what it is all about. One student is worth it. One student is worth giving it your all and working late at night. 

We are here for a short stay. A day will come when the Big Man above calls us up back home. Let us hope that we do something worthwhile while we are here.


Great energy in having a large group, but we must always remember, each and every person matters. A group of one is just as important. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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