Our Business is Life Itself

February 20, 2023, San Jose, Costa Rica

Driving along the road I notice things, inspiration is everywhere, lessons are everywhere. We just need to open our hearts and minds to the lessons. I am in San Jose, Costa Rica, it has been a wonderful trip, great seminars, great people, great experiences. I have had the privilege of training police and security guards, and people from all walks of life. 

During the seminars I see smiling faces. I see experienced police officers feeling, now this is a great technique, and I hope and pray that if that moment ever comes, that these techniques will do the job. I get to know the people, Roy, Rakel, Jose, Nikolas, Daniel, and I hope that the techniques we have developed will serve them well, if need be, save their lives.

The vehicle in front of us has a bumper sticker. I always read bumper stickers (and T shirts), this one says, Our Business is Life Itself. And I thought, yes, that is true for what I do. The sign on the car said Umbrella Corporation. I do not know what they sell or produce but I like their attitude. This is the attitude we must have for our Krav Maga "Business"; we must always remember that the commodity we are selling is life itself. We must take this very seriously.  

Sell a bad toy, OK, the child will throw it away, wasted money. Sell a stupid looking outfit, ok, whatever, but sell bad Krav Maga, bad martial arts, and you are playing games with people's lives. This cannot be allowed. We must never stop searching for more effective techniques, we must never allow the business aspect of Krav Maga to become the dominant side, we must never forget that our business is life itself. As the Blues Brothers put it, "we are on a mission from God". 

Never forget that. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

Understand the Israeli Fighting Mentality - Israel a Nation of Warriors by Moshe Katz


What is the cultural background of Krav Maga?  What makes it unique? What makes the Israeli military so effective? Why are Israeli security systems used all over the world?

What are the Biblical origins of Krav Maga and who was the first Krav Maga instructor?

What weapons and military strategies did our Biblical ancestors use?

How has Krav Maga developed in Israel and what are its goals?

All that and more in this unique book.

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