Outside View
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 15, 2016, Israel

We all think our students are simply the best. Yes, we should be proud of them, and proud of the work we put into them, but we must also be objective. We must not become too enamored with our own students. We must clean our lenses and look objectively.

Years ago, I would bring my students to my teacher to be tested. But first we had a pre-test. Yes, first, before we could test a student, that student had to prove himself in a pre-test. In many cases, especially with the higher ranks, the student was turned away. "Come back later, he needs more time."

And so it was.

Today I hear things such as "but I paid!"

Fiddlesticks. Such a rank is worthless. I do not care how much you paid, if I say your rank is worthless, then it is worthless.

Tradition, find yourself a teacher, a fair and honest teacher who will tell you when you made a mess of everything. And find yourself a fair and honest court. The Talmud discusses this at length, how to find a proper court that all will respect and accept the decisions.

So do not become over excited about your students. Let your teacher take a look at them, a fair look, and give both you and them some pointers. Do not be blinded by the light. Get an outside source, an objective source, to take a good hard look at your students...and...yourself.