Own It
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 17, 2017, Airport lounge, Frankfurt, Germany

In our style there are no real specific requirements for each rank. As a student moves up the ranks there are more challenging situations one must learn to learn with. 

One begins with a basic gun disarm. From there he must be able to handle gun threats from different angles. The situations become more varied. Progress is measured by being to apply the basic defense to a wide variety of situations. 

One must understanding the concept; the basic underlying thread that runs through all of our techniques. It is not a matter of memorizing techniques but of understanding concepts and applying them.

But there is more.

The difference between a beginner and an advanced practitioner is in owning the techniques. 

What does this mean?

Imagine how you feel when you are imitating someone? It is not you, you are not being yourself. You want to look cool so you imitate some movie character, but it is not you at all. You are just a poor imitation. However with time, with practice, with perseverance it becomes you. Eventually you "Own it". Eventually those cool sunglasses are you!

It is the same with Krav Maga. I can easily spot one who just learned the technique. It is not that he is doing it incorrectly, all the moves may be perfect. But he does not "Own it". He is still the imitator not the owner. In time, with practice, with dedication I will see a man who owns the technique. And then I will say - This man is a black belt. The piece of paper does not make you a black belt, the "ownership" of the Krav Maga moves makes you the black belt. 

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