Passover Preparation Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 18, 2019, Israel

Twas' the night before Passover. 

And all over the neighborhood one could hear the clings and the clangs of house cleaning, even car cleaning. The recycling bins are full, the garbage needs to be emptied more often, all are busy making sure the house is pure and clean and ready for the Festival of Freedom, Passover.

All must be ready for the big holiday. All must be prepared in advance, not only the cleaning but also the cooking. Many guests will arrive, beds must be prepared, everything must be in order. 

He who has not prepared for Passover will not be happy on Passover. The preparation time is before the holiday. 

At the traditional dinner scholarly matters will be discussed and debated. Ancient scriptures will be brought to life. But only those who have studied will have something to offer. Years of preparation for the night of scholarly debate. Imagine, others are quoting the Talmud, the Five books of Moses, the classic volumes from the Middle Ages, and you have nothing to offer. Now it is too late, the preparation period was before the event. 

Now imagine something else. 

Circumstances place you in a bad neighborhood, a neighborhood where taxis will not pick you up, where even the police fear to enter. But you are there, you think you are alone, but you are never alone. Someone is watching, waiting for you, they want your money, or more. You are face to face with your worst nightmare.

Now the thoughts come back; someone gave a free self-defense seminar, but you were too busy. You saw advertisements for Krav Maga classes near you, but, well, you know....

And now the preparation time is over, now you are "on" and now you are "it", but what can you do?

You have not done your homework and you are not prepared. 

I hear the sounds of cleaning all around me. Every family is preparing for the great holiday, the holiday of freedom. But how many are preparing to defend their own freedom?

and it makes me wonder, it does...

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