pay now or pay later

January 17, 2019, Israel

There is an old expression, Pay me now or pay me later. The idea is that either way you put it there are certain dues in life that cannot be avoided. Sooner or later you have to "Pay the man". Pay now and avoid the consequences or don't pay now and face the consequences and pay more, much more, later. 

There are three things (at least) that we like to avoid: Paying, Wasting time, Feeling pain. 

So we don't go to the dentist because that involves all there. We do not properly secure our homes because it is a "pain in the neck", it cost a lot of money and takes up a lot of our precious time.   

We fail to properly maintain our car for all the same reasons. 

The result? Our car fails us, causing an accident. Or our car fails its annual renewal test and now we are faced with considerable expenses.

The key is prevention, maintenance, and being diligent. Do not wait for your home to be overrun with termites and suddenly you face a bill of many thousands of dollars which you don't have. Do not neglect your teeth and suddenly you have huge bills for dental work, regular visits to the dentist at inconvenient hours, and a great deal of physical pain.

We need to be smart.

Invest a little now; your time, your money, even a little bit of pain or discomfort, and you thank yourself in the future for being so smart.

"Who is wise? He who sees the future (the unborn)" (Talmud)

The same is true of self defense. Do we know there is a need for self defense?

Well, anyone who follows the news, or even speaks to other people, knows this truth. But do most people take any action? We all know the pitiful answer and the accompanying inevitable results.  Even free self defense seminars generously offered to the public often go unattended.

Lets' look at what we like to avoid: We don't want to spend our time, or our money, or suffer even a little discomfort. So we "buy" illusions of safety while exposing ourselves to real danger.

No matter where we go, there is the potential of danger, you can't hide forever. We try to hide from the inconvenient and uncomfortable truth.

You can pay a little time, you can get out of your comfort zone a couple of nights per week, you can allocate some of your precious time, or, you can pay later. The problem with paying later is that the price you pay later may be a price you cannot afford.  

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