Personal Responsibility
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 24, 2016, Mexico City, Mexico

There are people in our lives who when they tell us, "Consider it done" we can trust them. We can go on with our other work knowing that this matter is taken care of. But these people are few and far between. More often than not other peoples good intentions or promises amount to nothing but disappointment.

I cannot count how many times I relied upon people's offers to take me to the airport, only they forgot, or "something came up". People promise to make that payment, deposit a check in your account and then when you cannot make payments, due to Lack of Funds, they simply apologize.

In the past I relied upon verbal agreements to book seminars, I received many promises and you have my word, only to be followed by ...sorry it did not work out. 

Promises, big promises, my word of honor, are too often followed by sorry, I am really sorry, and I am really really sorry. And then they walk away with their bag full of sorrys.

It was our mistake to trust such people. It is a delicate art learning whom one can trust and the many one cannot trust.

On a recent flight I caught the following piece of dialogue between a woman and the agent meant to protect her.

Woman: I am scared,
Agent: It will be all right.
Woman: But how do you know?

Let's think about this for a minute. The woman is expressing a legitimate fear, her life is truly in danger. Her protector is trying to sooth her with promises and empty words, "It will be alright". What on earth does that mean?

Legitimately she asks, But how do you know?

And that is what we must ask.

How do I know that your word is anything more than what the Arabs call Haki Fadi, empty words? Why on earth should I trust you and place my well being in your hands?

Why indeed?

It is our responsibility to look out for ourselves, to protect ourselves, and if you trust the wrong person the damage that is caused is also your responsibility.

It will be alright, really, how do you know?

Take Responsibility for your own Safety

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