Personal Training Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 10, 2018, Israel

Personal training Krav Maga, how personal is it?

We know what personal training means, it means rather than join a group you have your own personal trainer. You do not have to join a class, show up at a set hour and follow the rules of the group. With a personal trainer you set your own hours with your trainer in a way that suits your time schedule.

You will meet with your personal trainer, discuss your goals and together work out a program that works for you and your personal needs. And this is all good.

But how personal is your Krav Maga training? What I am referring to here is not "Personal Training" but the idea of a style flexible enough to allow for individual differences. Is your Krav Maga personal?

When you are recruiting a team to play in the Olympics or in the NBA it is fair to say the person must suit the sport. i.e. If you are short, old and fat and apply to be a member of a basketball team it is perfectly legitimate for the coach to say, sorry, we are looking for tall young men in the prime of their lives. Same with the Olympic tryouts. 

But if you want to learn to defend yourself I do not feel the same standard should apply. I do not believe we should say, Hey this is IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Krav Maga, you are not fit, not young, you have no place here

No, our Krav Maga must be personal. We must have a style where we can say. I understand you had shoulder surgery and cannot do the gun disarms the way I do, but let me show you how you can adapt it perfectly to your body.

Now That is personal training. 

But there is another aspect to Personal training; take it personally. This means that you view each student as your own special personal student, it means that each student is an entire world, it means that each student matters. It means that you take the welfare of each student personally.

We believe in personal Krav Maga training; for men, women, and children from all walks of life.

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