Apprentice Instructor Krav Maga

Many people ask me, "how do I become an Apprentice Instructor in IKI Krav Maga? and then of course, Assistant Instructor, Associate Instructor, Full Instructor. etc. 

So here is the answer. It used to be our policy at IKI (in the very early days of the organization) that if you had a similar rank in another Israeli style you could be eligible upon joining to be an instructor with IKI. I was rather liberal at the start and awarded an Apprentice Instructor rank (Phase One at that time) to anyone with a black belt or instructor certification in an Israeli style or in a reality self-defense style. I was bitterly disappointed with most of these instructors when I finally saw them in action. Their pile of certificates was useful for kindling fires. This policy has been discontinued.

Now the policy is simpler; you take a test, either in person or via video. You pay a one-time fee and take the test until you pass, no matter how many times it takes.

What Does Apprentice Instructor Status Give You? It gives you the right to teach IKI material as a certified instructor. It gives you the right to test Yellow and Orange belt levels and use your own judgment as to what material to include in the test. And it gives you the right to prepare for Assistant Instructor.   

Assistant Instructor 

Assistant Instructor also involves a test, but first it involves at least a period of one year in IKI. This is a judgement call, my call.

What Contributes to Assistant Instructor rank?

Showing a strong dedication to keeping up with IKI, and learning new techniques. Clearly, you must show that you are proficient in IKI Krav Maga techniques. You must show an improved ability over Apprentice Instructor. The techniques should become smoother and more natural, and, very importantly, you must show that you know how to teach these techniques properly.

Additional factors:

Making an effort to host or at least attend seminars. 

Making a contribution to IKI, such as referring members, networking, helping promote IKI, believing in our mission.