Phil Golden
By Moshe Katz
A Friend

May 7, 2017, Israel

I just received the news from a dear neighbor that my old friend Phil Golden passed away. I have lost many friends over the past few years, too many, and with each one a piece of my heart and soul is buried. Schwartzie, (Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz of blessed memory), Irv, Barry, so many of the old gang from LA, my friend Zack, Garry, Dan, Anders....too many.

Phil was a sweet man. He worked with his dad in the House of David Jewish bookstore. David was his dad. His grandfather was Hayim Golden, a great scholar. His son Jon trained with me in Krav Maga, history, roots.

During my college years in LA the House of David was one of our hang out places. We love books. My brothers and I and other members of the Jewish Activists would hang out there. We would look at books, discuss books and buy whatever we could afford. Phil loved talking Jewish books. We shared this passion.

Phil went through many hardship in life, some bad breaks but it never broke his spirit. A few years ago he moved to Israel. We spoke on the phone now and then but I never got around to see him. When he would call he would always, "Moshe I know you are very busy, I won't take much of your time". But I always, always, always, made time. We talked and I never ended the conversation. I always waited for him to decide when to go. He always asked about the family and always praised and spoke so highly of our family.

I cannot recall how old he was because I think of him during those years, and I of course was much younger too. My neighbor Michael, who worked with him, said that Phil always referred to me as "A good boy". How the years go by...

Phil, I was honored to know you, honored to call you my friend, and I am sorry we did not spend more time together in recent years, but we shall meet again when the time is right. So now you are with so many of our old gang, I can see the smiles.

When an old friend calls, lets' make the time for them. Let us never be in too much of a hurry, for time is short....

As Paul McCartney said about his friend John Lennon, for you were here today, you were in my song.