February 9 2022, Springfield, Illinois, USA

I am a Krav Maga instructor. That is what I do. I have trained in boxing with some of the worlds greats, I have done kickboxing, Thai boxing etc. I have trained with world champions in all these disciplines. So I certainly have experience in those areas but I have chosen to focus on real-life self-defense, on Krav Maga. I have chosen not to be a boxing or kickboxing or MMA instructor. Some of my colleagues have, to each his own. 

Krav Maga is not about a show, it is not about winning, it is about one thing, and one thing ONLY. It is about survival. There is no such creature as a Krav Maga tournament and there is no such concept as a Krav Maga champion. If you hear these words, run away from this, it is not, it cannot be, true Krav Maga. 

So I turn on Facebook, where truth is illusive at best, and see a poster of a woman in a boxing stance; looking all tough, bad ass, masculine, the add reads....Krav Maga seminar, and it makes me wonder, it does.

In Hebrew the English word Posing is used as a way to indicate a fake, it is used as Posa, but it means making a false impression, creating an illusion, as when a poor girl borrows a rich girls' outfit and buys the most expensive bag, that is Posa, and it is mocked, as in; who are you trying to fool, you are still Jenny from the block, we know who you are. 

There is another word commonly used, this one comes from Arabic, Da'awin, and it means the same thing, what is your Da'awin, means - what false impression are you trying to make?

So when I turn on Facebook and see these girls in a fake tough boxing stance and angry face, with the caption of "Krav Maga" seminar, I just say to myself, C'mon, stop the posing, literally, and stop this Da'awin. 

This gives the totally incorrect idea of what Krav Maga is all about, the message is the opposite of what we are trying to teach. We are teaching that we are good, decent, people who simply want to live in peace. We are not angry people looking for a fight. We are not hotheads, and that is why I never use the expression, "Touch me and your first lesson is free", that too is incompatible with real Krav Maga. 

So you will never see a flyer of me "posing" , you will only see the real me. I am not teaching boxing, I am not teaching fighting or tournaments, I am teaching survival. I am teaching real Krav Maga. 

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