Postal Blues
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 27, 2017, Maaleh Adumim, Israel

I like our post office. The workers are generally very nice and friendly. I do believe they do their best to help me.

I also believe that in general the Israeli post office is quite efficient and effective, like our Krav Maga. If there is a problem it is usually on the other side.

I have become a bit of an expert; I know that some countries do not require special delivery, tracking or Registered mail, the mail will arrive no matter what. Other countries must have registered mail or else it will get "lost", i.e. end up in the hands of greedy or lazy people along the way. In some countries they will just not bother delivering the mail. It will get sent back to me "No such address" when in fact I have been personally been to that address and I know damn well that it exists and is correct.

In other countries, even registered mail, will disappear.

As I said I have become a bit of expert on postal matters. But how you might ask, is it possible that the chief instructor of an organization handles these matters himself? Quite often yes. And I take personal responsibility.

It troubles me when packages do not arrive on time. I know you are waiting for your Krav Maga DVD or T shirt and trust me, I am doing my best, but I cannot control the mail.

Yesterday I was at the post office. I inquired about registered mail as I have noticed a recent price increase. Indeed, now the price for registered mail is double that of regular mail. Wow.

So I presented them with these questions:

So if I do not pay this extra fee is there any way to track my mail?

Answer: No.

So if I do not pay this 100% increase in cost does the post office offer any guarantee?

Answer: No.

So basically, imagine I am a plumber and I came to fix your pipes. I offer you a price, 100 Shekel, and then I say, but if you want a guarantee on my work, a guarantee that your pipe will not burst tomorrow, that will be an extra 100 Shekel for a total of 200 Shekel.

What kind of a situation is this? Why offer a poor service to begin with? Why offer any sort of work that you will not stand behind? What happened to the concept of "I will try my best every time at every job"?

I can understand paying extra for extra service but there should also be a certain guarantee of professional service at every level, such as if you send a package that package should actually be delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

The postal clerk's response to all this was, "That is why we strongly recommend you always use Registered Mail and special delivery".

Well, sure. Of course that is what you want, who wouldn't want to double their income? But, I replied, that will double my cost. I am not sending one package now and then, I am sending out packages on a daily basis. And if I have to double my costs that will profoundly decrease my income.

So, I am told, pass that cost on to the customer.

Brilliant, why didn't I think of that. Of course, the customer has unlimited resources and will gladly foot the bill. (not).

Like the legendary Fiddler on the Roof I must constantly try to find the balance; not charge too much but yet deliver the best service possible. I guarantee you will always get my best effort.

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