Precision Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 21, 2015, Israel

Alex Nelson and Tony Preston, basic simple moves that will save your life. Tour and Train June 2015.

Precision is important. It is important in watch making, in making instruments and in surgery. That is why those activities are ideally done in a very calm environment. 

Self-defense is totally different and yet many instructors treat it the same.

They use techniques that require years of training, great precision, speed and strength. We reject this approach out of hand. We will never use a single technique from those schools of thought. They are totally at odds with IKI Krav Maga and do not fit in with our method of training.

Flashback, early period of IKI. I was in Virginia, USA with one of our instructors. He wanted IKI certification and I made the mistake of giving him a belt. He had trained previously in some other form of Krav Maga but his teacher moved away and now he needed another rank. I was asked to rank him. I was put in an awkward situation.

I taught him the IKI way but somehow he did not really learn it.

I was in his house and I delicately tried to show him the difference. I said show me your basic gun disarm. He grabbed, one hand over and one under in some weird contortion that I could not easily follow. He twisted and grabbed and of course took away the gun. But it was all so complicated and required calm, speed, skill etc.

Then I showed him our way. I did not realize his wife was watching until I heard her say...Perry, Moshe's way is so simple, I can do that!!

Yes, that is the goal, that the non-Krav wife, the non martial artist, can easily learn these techniques and use them effectively. So many times we have had students who attended no more than one seminar and yet were able to successfully defend themselves in a real life situation. From all over the world I have heard these testimonials. Our system is easy and it works.

And yet when I look around I still see that old style of Krav Maga; no getting out of the line of attack, no gross motor moves, and...excessive violence.

Almost as an automatic reaction I see that after a gun disarm the defender shoots the former attacker. After a knife disarm (which is nearly impossible) the defender repeatedly stabs the former attacker.

In my book this is called murder and yet people are teaching this at seminars all over the world. I would personally have such instructors arrested.

Lets review the principles of IKI Krav Maga

All techniques must be

Easy to Learn
Easy to Apply in many diverse situations
Easy to remember

We do not cause unnecessary damage to the attacker. In order to determine our finishing moves we must quickly consider APC: our Ability, our Purpose and our Circumstances.

We work within the law, there is no stabbing of an opponent who is no longer a threat. In Israel you will sit in jail for this. Guaranteed.

All techniques are based on Gross Motor Moves. Techniques that rely on precision, speed and strength are not part of IKI and cannot be included in any IKI curriculum.

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