Pride, Fall, and Modesty
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 23, 2015

MMA, tough guys, even tougher girls, prancing about and shouting "I am the best!"

And then when people get turned off by their obnoxious arrogant behavior we hear. ..."I worked hard to get to where I am. Why is confidence looked down upon? Why must I put myself down?"

Well, you cannot put yourself down. You have such an exaggerated and inflated opinion of yourself that you could not act modest if you took acting lessons.

Now here is a lesson. Pride precedes the fall. No matter how great you think you are right now. No matter how high you have reached, you will fall. That is a fact that no one can dispute.

No singer stays at number one for ever. No fighter remains world champion for ever. While you are drinking your celebratory champagne there is some young hungry kid in the ghetto destroying the heavy bag, and he is after your title! He is after your hide.

So listen up big shot MMA stars, no one is telling you not to be proud of your achievements. No one is suggesting that you must "put yourself down". Lets learn some English. Confidence and Arrogance are different words with different meanings. Modesty and self-deprecation are different words with different meanings. Learn the difference.

No one likes an arrogant person. Modesty is always in fashion.

Now hear ye, hear ye. We all grow old. Yes, I know that is bummer to even bring it up. Those six pack abs...going to lose them. You think you will work out like an animal when you are 55, think again. Life takes over. So if you base your "self confidence" on your MMA achievements, your ring victories and your body...all these things shall pass. Guaranteed. But if you allow this to lead to confidence coupled with modesty, you will emerge a powerful person. These virtues shall not pass with time, they will only grow stronger.

Strength diminishes with the years but Wisdom can increase, although for most people it does not. Some grow old, few grow wise.

A young Bruce Lee found that an old Yip Man could still defeat him, blindfolded. He wised up fast.

Modesty looks good on you, at any age.

No one is telling you to "think less of yourself", in fact you should strive to think more of yourself, but don't base it on how many people you could beat up before your throw your hands up in the air.

So for all the boxers, MMA champs, and "Tough guy Baaadd Ass" people...get over yourselves. Your time is limited.

Be more. And be something that lasts.

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