The Prison We Carry
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 27, 2017, Judea, Israel

Many people have been taken from their homes and thrown into prison. Some for crimes they committed and some for daring to think for themselves or challenge an evil regime.

And yet some of these people even in prison, even in concentration camps or Gulags, managed to remain free. Their spirit could not be confined.

Many of us carry our prisons with us, no one has imprisoned us but ourselves. Our thoughts have put us in a prison and only our thoughts have the key to this prison. It is a tricky situation. We are in an invisible portable prison and it is very difficult to escape. There is no release date, it is entirely in our own hands.

We look at life and say, this will never work, there is no future, I will never succeed. We have put ourselves in a prison and locked the door. We do not realize that the bars are entirely in our own minds. The minute we decide that we are want to be free - we are released.

We have decided that there are barriers which prevent us from achieving our goals, from achieving happiness and success. We are convinced that we cannot succeed. We deny ourselves happiness which is actually within our reach.

It is tragic, we carry this imaginary prison with us. And it becomes a very real prison, a prison where the warden has thrown away the key and there is no check out date.

Only when we suddenly wake up and say, Hey, I don't need to live this way, I don't need to stay with this job, I don't need to stay in this relationship, can we finally be released.

And then we will wonder what took us so long. The gates were open all along, we just needed the courage to step through....