Private Dancer
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav Instructor

May 22, 2017 Weitra, Austria

Having coffee in a small town in Austria, I hear a familiar song, Private Dancer by Tina Turner. Suddenly it hits me. 

The song is powerful, brilliant, sad, tragic, the human state, the state of humans. I am your private dancer, I will dance any dance you want but you will never own me, I own you, you will never have my soul. To me you are all the same, you have no soul.

I am your private dancer, dancer for money, any old music will do, do what you want me to do.

But I am not, I am your Krav Maga instructor. Thank God I can pick and choose. You will not see me do the Shimmy. I am not your private dancer and you cannot buy me. 

I will not sing your song, I will not tell you whatever you want to hear. I will not teach techniques that will please you. I will not put on a show for the spectators. I am an instructor, not your private dancer. Understand that before you invite me to teach a seminar. 

The men are all the same, you do not ask their name You do not think of them as human, you do not think of them at all, keep your mind on the money, I am your private dancer

But I am not your private dancer, and I will think of you as human, I will think of you, and I will not keep my mind on the money, you are not all the same, and I do look at your face, and I do ask your name. 

There are plenty of Krav Maga performers out there who put on a wonderful show. They are your private dancers. I am not. Understand the difference. 

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