problem solving managment

October 7, 2016, Israel

A terrorist who murdered several Jews is caught, one problem solved, but many more remain, it is an ongoing situation. (photo from May 8, 2022)

"Problem solved". Oh, how we love to hear those words! 

Our computer is giving us a problem, we bring in an expert technician, problem solved. The pipes are leaking, bursting, we bring in the best plumber, he works on it for hours, and then the happy works, "Problem solved." We have a health issue, the problem is diagnosed, surgery, medication, problem solved.

How we love those words, however, is the problem really solved? 

Will our computer never act up again? Will our bank never cause us problems?  Will we never be shut out by our on-line banking account? Will our health never cause us issues again? 

We all know the sad truth, the answer is no. The "problem solves" is only a temporary solution. What they really mean is "The problem is solved for now, until further notice, keep my number handy. Until later..." 

The same is true with all in life. That is why we have the Sabbath, a day where we put all or problems aside and say, today my soul will rest. But on all other says we are constantly dealing with problems. OK, so the modern "happy" types refuse to use the word Problem, they are dealing with issues, or challenges. Just semantics.

And one of our problems is violence and the many shapes it takes. We train in Krav Maga, we earn a black belt, can we now say "Problem solve?" 

We cannot, all we can say is we have learned to be better prepared, we are managing the problem. 

Yesterday I heard a radio talk show. A guy calls in and says we should go into Gaza, attack the terrorists at their base, (yup, it is that easy, they are all sitting around having coffee I suppose,) and solve the problem once and for all. Sounds familiar. We did that before, many times, and each time it costs several precious lives. Just as World War Two was "the war to end all wars." And a darn good job was done, but we have new wars, and new challenges.

No, no problem is really ever solved, only managed. All relationship are dynamic and all is subject to constant change. In the filed of Krav Maga self-defense, we do our best to stay on the top of things, on the ever evolving methods of crime and violence. 
Thus we are always changing, adapting, adjusting, and evolving. "Problem solved?" For the moment but as soon as we solve one problem we need to watch out for new problems. Such is life. The messianic times are not yet here.  

Stay on the cutting edge of Krav Maga, train to survive! 

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