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October 13, 2020  

an injury can cost one a great deal. Krav Maga lessons are a worthwhile investment. 

We are dealing with some medical issues in our family and need to consult with a lawyer. The first e mail states that for a hour and a half consultation on Zoom the fee is $900.

Wow. My first reaction is to remember that my mother urged me to attend law school when I was young. Alas, I found a career in Krav Maga very fulfilling. No regrets but I would not mind earning that kind of money. Now the question is: is it worth it? Is this man's services worth that kind of money?

So I read his advertisement; he states that he takes complex cases. He takes cases that others cannot solve. He takes situations that others see as Obstacles but he with his passion dives into them. He helps the average person navigate the complex system of elder care. And a key selling point is he can protect one's assets from long term medical care which can devastate a family. He comes up with innovative solutions to complex situations and he helps provide a quality of life for your loved on. Wow. Now it makes sense. 

So while the initial fee of $900 for a Zoom meeting is quite a shocker, when one thinks about it, it does make sense. In my career as a martial arts instructor I have come across many, in particular in the USA, who were crippled by an injury. I do not mean physically crippled, I mean financially. For those without the correct insurance an accident or an illness can destroy a family financially. So yes, $900, or more, may be a worthwhile investment to protect your assets.

Now the Krav Maga application, it is so obvious it hardly needs to be stated.

When we think of the cost, time and money, involved in martial arts training, one must also consider the potential cost of not training. Besides the emotional trauma, the physical pain, and the potential long term recovery process, there is also the financial aspects. Think of Krav Maga as an insurance policy you hope you never have to use. 

Krav Maga training is enjoyable, it is empowering, it improves your physical well-being and your emotional health. So even if you are never attacked, you still come out ahead. Your investment still paid off some handsome dividends (speaking here as a former economist). But in terms of the finances I return to the lawyers brochure: We take complex cases and we offer simple and effective solutions. 

We help you navigate the complex world of self defense. 

And, we protect your assets from long term medical expenses, and of course the physical and emotional expenses. The question is - Do you see value in protecting yourself or do you prefer to roll the dice on the Rolette table of life? Do you want to navigate the world of crime and violence on your own and hope for the best, or do you want the assistance of professionals who have been doing this for decades? 

Like with our lawyer, the choice is yours. I think the lawyer is an absolute necessity. I have seen too many broke old folks with no quality of life. Protect your assets, while you can. That is today's message. 

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