The Rabbit, the Fence and Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 8, 2015, New York, USA

Mr. Bean, always something to learn...

I recall a comedy with Mr. Bean. He played an expert working a museum, his "expertise" was classic paintings.

Of course, he was an idiot and knew nothing at all about art of any type. When someone asked what he actually does at the museum he replied simply, "I look at the paintings".

Thinking he must be brilliant, the questioner than commented, "Brilliant! So few experts actually LOOK at the paintings these days."

But in actuality, it is brilliant. And in fact, very few experts really do take the time to look.

I look, I watch, and I observe. And thus, our IKI techniques evolve. They evolve both from my own personal experience doing the techniques and by my watching my thousands of students all over the world. 

I look at the students, just as Mr. Bean looked at the paintings.

And if look long enough, you learn something. You gain experience that others do not have and cannot have.

Yes, if you live long enough you see many things....and if you look long enough you see many things that others do not. and if you listen very well, the tune will come to you at last.

Enter the Rabbit

My dear friends have a rabbit. They take good care of him and do their best under the circumstances. I personally do not care to keep animals in a confined space. They should be free to live the life that God intended for them. All creatures should be free. I do not put animals in cages or behind fences. 

So this rabbit, who goes by the name of Zeus, has been stuck at home for a long cold winter. He has been behind bars for a long time. And recently something amazing happened. He broke lose. 

How did he do it?

Round and round he went. He pushed here and he pushed there using his little nose. He observed patterns in the fence. Like all prisoners he does not have much else to do. So he observes. Like Mr. Bean he looks at the paintings on the wall.

And Zeus noticed a weak spot, and he figured out how to break out. Clever little bunny. If you live long enough you see many things.

We all become experts at what we do over and over again. We all notice things that others miss, if we look often enough.

Krav Maga is my full-time occupation. I just completed a 28-seminar tour over 5 countries. In a couple of weeks, I will be back in the Netherlands and then we have our Tour and Train group arriving with students from all over the world.

I watch students all the time. I see students who are old, and young, big and small, male and female, police, military, civilian and presidential guards. I watch them all.

And when you watch long enough you observe things that others miss. I make minor adjustments. There is hardly a seminar without some new variations, some new applications and improvements. 

If you are viewing a Krav Maga DVD or a clip from our Krav On Line program from just a couple of years ago...chances are that you are out of date. Improvements have been since then.

Just like Zeus the rabbit, we pay attention to details, we see the weakness in the fence, we observe and we improve. Today's Krav Maga is not yesterdays' Krav Maga. We are always striving to improve.

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