Rapid Cure
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 12, 2015, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Over the past week or so Israel has experience an eruption of attacks from our Arab neighbors, this has been the case for the past 1,400 years. It has nothing to do with local politics or our actions. There have always been attacks and each time the local Village Fools, i.e. the politicians, attempt to offer reasons and explanations for this behavior. It is because Jews visited the Holy Temple Mount, it is because Jews choose to live exactly where their ancestors are buried, it is because Jews choose to live among gentiles...etc...

It does not matter.

After each spate of attacks requests for Krav Maga lessons pop up like mushrooms after a storm. And they disappear as quickly. Some young instructors get excited, they think that now everyone sees the need for Krav Maga and will sign up for classes and make a solid commitment. They begin to plan their schedules to make room for this huge influx of students. They plan to rent a bigger training hall...Oh..the young and naive.

Sadly the human condition does not really change at all. Yesterday's headlines are tomorrow's headlines. Such is life.

But we still work hard, for the few who will listen. And we hope, we pray, we plan. We prepare. For maybe a few will wisen up.

Dr. Herzl had a dream of a Jewish state where Jews would be free from the persecution of the gentiles, (Christian, Muslim, Atheists, whatever, I think we have never had any trouble from the Buddhists).

Of course, he was an idealist, and of course most people mocked him. Yet his dream was so great that even an early death could not defeat him. When Herzl came home from the First Zionist Conference, he wrote in his diary that fifty years from today a Jewish state will rise again. The year was 1897. In the year 1948 the new, reborn, third commonwealth of the Jewish nation came into being. Dear Dr. Herzl was off by only one year. Not bad for a modern-day secular prophet.

But he was followed only by very few in his lifetime. Just as today the majority of those who would benefit by his actions, refused to lift a finger.

I can imagine that after every Pogrom, when the locals came into the Jewish community to rape, kill, smash and burn, voices were heard calling for mass immigration to the land of Israel and rebuilding our own land. But, then as now, as soon as things calmed down the zeal of those mushrooms after the storm also calmed down.

And people like Dr. Herzl once again stood alone.

And so it is today. Four Jews murdered in one weekend, many more attacked and hurt, and the cries come out for more Krav Maga instructors. But do not worry, there is little need.

One inquirer wanted a one-time session to learn to defend herself and her family. Really, can I learn Swedish in a one-time session?

Another asked how many lessons does one need, I asked how many times does one need to eat?  it is the same.

Imagine an angry, frustrated, religiously motivated hard-core killer coming at you. Remember these are people who decapitate others, it is no longer a secret, we see it on social media. We have seen them do this. And these hardened killers are coming at you, at a time and place that you do not suspect, and you are armed with...."How many lessons do I need?"

Are you kidding me?

Imagine you are going undercover to an Arab country, and you ask, how many lessons in Arabic do I need?

Your life is at stake, and you are playing games. You are looking for a quick cure. Well....sorry to disappoint you. No such thing exists.

So for all those newbie instructors making grandiose plans to accommodate all their new students...get a good novel to fill that time.

As soon as the storm passes, so will their interest and motivation.

I recall when I started my martial arts training a wiser and older student told me that I am one in a thousand. It took me a while to understand. This was a warning. Do not expect too much, only one in a thousand has my level of motivation.

But I am here, as is my staff, and we are motivated to help you, but you must get your butt in the door first. You must make a move.

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