Rethink evrything

February 1, 2021, North Hollywood, Ca, USA 

There is something about going back to the old neighborhood and going back in time. Funny how certain sights bring to mind certain memories, long since buried or forgotten. I pass by our home on Valerio street and suddenly I wonder why my old Chevy is not parked outside as it always is. Suddenly I see Robert or Susan walking in the door. I see myself sitting in my room, in the corner of the house, playing my Ibanez guitar. Suddenly I recall every detail of the house and events that took place there. There are places...I'll remember all my life though some have changed, some forever, not for better  (Beatles)

All these places have their moments...they recall friends and family, some are dead and some are living. And all hold a special place in my heart. And I recall my thoughts from those days, some are the same and some have changed. Life, God, People, Martial Arts. I was the Karate Kid era, or just a little before...all these places have their meanings. 

And I recall my dear father, in the home we loved so much on Valerio street, challenging me to think. Little did anyone know that this attitude would lead to IKI Krav Maga, Israeli Krav International, a style based on the premise that every idea, no matter how sacred, must be challenged. We must rethink everything, all the time. Everything all the time as the poet said.

Yesterday at our Valley Israeli Self Defense seminar, Jacob, a powerful and experienced martial arts master, casually told me that my lessons gave him an entirely new perspective on Krav Maga. That is what it is all about. 

This seminar was very special. It was a big unknown for me. I have never taught any of these people, many of them are my seniors in martial arts. Some I met 40 years ago. But they all possessed one great quality; they came to learn, to expose themselves to something new, to rethink everything. Rethink everything; that is what life is all about. Challenge your old ideas, push yourself to a possible new way of thinking, life, martial arts, relationships with others, with yourself. You never know what lies behind the next door, the next thought, the next idea. 

I know I will often stop and think about them, in my life...

Life, what a long strange trip it's been. Lord, where will it lead us today?