Real Cost
By Moshe Katz
Israel Krav International

April 16, 2018, Israel

I was looking at a package of tomato sauce and thinking, might as well throw in the entire package into the pasta, it only cost one shekel, about 28 cents. And then it hit me. Is that the real cost? No, it is not, the real cost is the replacement cost.

This means that when considering using or selling an object we must not think it terms of how much it cost us when we purchased it but rather how much it will cost us to replace this item. Thus the true cost of the tomato sauce is not one shekel, as that was a special sale price, but what it would cost me now to purchase another package. 

This is true for all aspects of life. 

When we purchase a car and we consider a safer car or a less expensive car, we must consider the true cost. The less expensive car may actually be far more expensive: Think in terms of the damage we will suffer in the event of an accident, the time we will spend in the hospital, the income we will lose while we are recovering from an injury that we could have avoided if we purchased a stronger car. That is the true cost.

Years ago I decided to save money, I did not secure my home properly. And then my home was broken into. The damage can to far more than it would have cost me to properly protect my home, and in the end I still had to pay for the home protection, (alarms, cameras, secure gates etc.)

The true cost of the home protection was far less than I had imagine because I did not take into account the huge savings of not having my home broken into. 

It is the same with Krav Maga self defense training. What is the real cost of Krav Maga lessons in terms of time and money? Is it the three or so hours per week and the few dollars? Or is the real cost measure differently?

Think of the replacement cost. What will it cost you not to train? The real true cost of training is actually must less than you think when you understand how much you are saving; medical bills, therapy, psychology sessions, rehab etc. 

The true cost is not always that obvious at first. It may be more or less than we think at first glance. 

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