Real Self Defense is Not What You Think
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 14, 2019, Israel

What is self defense? We have been conditioned by Hollywood to think that self defense is beating up some guy with back spinning kicks and judo/jujitsu flips. In more recent times the grapplers have joined the game and now and then we will hear a story about some female grappling champion beating up someone who tried to rob her. And the myth lives.

This is enough to keep new clients coming in the door. Now while some of these films did a great service by exposing people to the martial arts, they also did a disservice by creating false gods, false images and false ideas of what self defense is all about. Do not forget that Jackie Chan, Samo Hung and all their co-stars spent years in acrobatic schools perfecting their craft. This is entertainment. 

But there is something within us that loves the fantasy, the handsome groom and princess who live happily together for ever and forever and forever. This is entertainment. 

Yesterday I defended myself and others by using practical self-defense. I defended myself against the plastic sheet that comes at the bottom of a pack of DVDs. After I finished a pack of DVDs I noticed that nearly invisible round plastic sheet, same size as the DVD, on the floor. I quickly picked it up, realized that being that it is nearly invisible it is likely that I, or one of my guests, might step on this and go flying on a hard floor. I have seen this happen and it is not pretty. 

I have friends and family who slipped on plastic objects and broke elbows, wrists, knees and other body parts. Now imagine you see such a person, all bandaged up, walking with cane. What happened? you asked. He answers, I went into a bar and made a politically incorrect statement and got attacked by five Liberals, it was terrible. Nah, just kidding, I slipped on a thin plastic sheet in my house, took a bad fall

My point is the result is the same: you are badly hurt. So what difference does it make what the cause was. Pain is pain, damage is damage. True self defense begins when you look at the bottom line; we don't want to get hurt. 

In Israel we get all upset when a young person is killed by a terrorist, but daily people get killed in car accidents. The result is the same. We must learn practical self defense, against all those things that can harm us. Often self defense is not glamorous. It is not always a back spinning kick or a rear naked choke. Sometimes it is knowing when to walk away, sometimes it is a simple strike to an open vulnerable target. That is the kind of self defense we focus on at IKI. We are the "man against the stream", We do not follow popular martial arts trends, new fashions or styles, just hard core real self defense against all types of enemies. We do not teach sports martial arts, Hollywood martial arts or performance martial arts. We do not teach fitness/weight loss martial arts, entertainment martial arts, or anything along those lines. 

Remember, being beaten up by a piece of plastic is just as bad as being beaten by human scum. The bottom line is the same.

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